Subscription and Support Description
1. Scope: During the Subscription Term of the applicable Order Form subject to the Master Subscription Agreement (“Agreement”), eBridge will provide Customer the Support and Subscription Services set forth below for the eBridge Platform and the eBridge Applications as defined in the Agreement (collectively “Product(s))”.

2. The eBridge Platform and eBridge Applications licensed from eBridge including but not limited to the following:
  • eBridge “eiCloud Services”
  • eBridge "Bridge application Software"
  • eBridge's "Automatic Shipping Notification Module" (ASN)
  • eBridge "Mapper"
  • eBridge "Document Maps"
  • eBridge "Translator"

Your provision of eiCloud Services remains subject to the following limitations: (i) you may not resell or redistribute the eiCloud Services, and (ii) you may not allow multiple users to directly or indirectly access any eiCloud Services feature that is made available on a per user basis. To enable optimal access to and use of certain eiCloud Services, you may install and use third party applications related to your use of the eiCloud Services.
Monthly Uptime Calculation and Service Levels for eiCloud Services, eBridge will review data from any commercially reasonable independent measurement system used by Customer. Customer must select a set of agents from the measurement system’s list of standard agents that are generally available and represent geographically diverse locations in major worldwide metropolitan areas. 1. Measurement System tests (frequency of at least one test per hour per agent) will be configured to perform one HTTP GET operation according to the model below: 2. A test file will be placed on Customer’s origin (e.g., Azure Storage account). 3. The GET operation will retrieve the file through the CDN Service, by requesting the object from the appropriate Microsoft Azure domain name hostname. 4. The test file will meet the following criteria: a. The test object will allow caching by including explicit “Cache-control: public” headers, or lack of “Cache-Control: private” header. b. The test object will be a file at least 50KB in size and no larger than 1MB. c. Raw data will be trimmed to eliminate any measurements that came from an agent experiencing technical problems during the measurement period. "Monthly Uptime Percentage" is the percentage of HTTP transactions in which the eiCloud interface responds to client requests and delivers the requested content without error. Monthly Uptime Percentage of the eiCloud Service is calculated as the number of times the object was delivered successfully divided by the total number of requests (after removing erroneous data). 

4. Lapsed Program Coverage: To resume program coverage after a lapse, Customer must purchase a minimum of one (1) full year of Service and pay a “Reinstatement Fee.” The Reinstatement Fee will be thirty percent (30%) of the then current list price of the eBridge Platform and eBridge Applications.

5. Support Services to be provided under the support program shall be performed during the business hours of 9am to 5pm EST and shall consist exclusively of the Help desk support, as herein defined, correction of critical programming errors and provisions of the program release described in Schedule A below (“Schedule A”).

6. Help Desk Support: eBridge will supply help desk telephone support ("Help Desk Support") from its office. Help Desk Support will be provided only in respect of the use of the eBridge Platform and eBridge Applications at the site described in the Order Form (“Designated Site”).  eBridge shall be under no obligation to provide Help Desk Support for use of the eBridge Platform or eBridge Applications at any site other than the Designated Site site.

7. Help Desk Support: will consist of eBridge (i) using reasonable efforts to explain functions and features of the eBridge Platform or eBridge Applications, (ii) clarifying any Support Materials relating to the eBridge Platform or eBridge Applications, (iii) guiding the Customer in the operation of the eBridge Platform or eBridge Applications and (iv) sending any information, correction for programming errors or Maintenance Releases by electronic mail as required to assist with solutions to calls receive in the Help Desk. Although the Help Desk Support may be used by Customer for both resolving problems with the eBridge Platform or eBridge Applications experienced by the Customer, and for educating or training the Customer's employees, eBridge, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to limit the time spent with Customer providing education and training to the Customer’s employees that is in addition to any training contracted for by Customer and provided as part of the support package.

8. Maintenance Releases: Subject to any correction times set forth in any Maintenance Schedule, at its sole option, eBridge will prepare and deliver to the Customer maintenance releases consisting of modifications and/or enhancements to the eBridge Platform or eBridge Applications ("Program Modifications"). eBridge shall, at its sole discretion, determine whether Program Modifications are included in maintenance releases provided hereunder. eBridge shall not be obligated to install any maintenance release on  Customer’s computers. Delivery of a maintenance release to the Customer shall be deemed to have occurred if one copy of the maintenance release is downloaded by Customer, sent by mail or courier, electronic mail, or is hand delivered to the Designated Site described in the applicable Order Form, even if the Customer is licensed to use the eBridge Platform or eBridge Applications at more than one Designated Site. eBridge agrees that any Program Modifications shall not diminish the functionality in the eBridge Platform or eBridge Applications.

9. Limitations: eBridge shall have no obligation to support altered, damaged or modified Products, or to remedy problems caused by: (i) Customer's negligence, abuse or misapplication of the Products; (ii) use of the Product other than as specified in the eBridge Documentation; or (iii) hardware malfunctions, any software not licensed by eBridge, or Product which is not the current release. Customer agrees, at its expense, to assist eBridge in its obligations hereunder by providing documentation of problems and test data. eBridge shall have no obligation to resolve problems if Customer fails to reasonably cooperate. Support shall be provided in the English language, except as otherwise agreed by the parties and subject to payment of any additional fees required by eBridge in connection therewith.
Schedule A
  • Subscription and Support Services from eBridge include:
  • Preferred access to our technical support professionals
  • On-line product updates/fixes
  • Production down and material impairment of functionality we provide continuous service until resolved
  • Unlimited Business hour toll free telephone support
  • Go to MyPC - Online diagnostics
  • Unlimited email support
  • Online product updates/fixes
  • Support to resolve issues with current mapping, import/export or help with translator
  • Four (4) business hour response time
  • No additional fees when upgrading current eBridge licenses