eBridge Connections offers a number of services to ensure that your integration solution is kept up-to-date and optimized to meet all of your business requirements. 

Subscription Services

Included with all integration solutions from eBridge Connections is an annual subscription that keeps your tools up to date, and provides you with maintenance support, access to our platform hosted on Microsoft Azure, and software upgrades.

Software Updates and Upgrades

Your eBridge Connections subscription protects your investment by ensuring that you're always using the latest, up-to-date, quality-assured version of our software. Included in your subscription are updates to our integration platform, connector upgrades (for new versions of ERP and accounting software)*, new features and fixes.  
*Installation, mapping and customization services of product upgrades may apply.

Technical Support

As an eBridge Connections subscriber, you are provided with 24/7 access to our technical support team at no additional cost. By phone, email or remote access, our friendly and professional staff will be happy to help you over learning hurdles and technical issues. All of our Support Analysts are in-house eBridge Connections employees and are fully trained to support our applications. After hours support is also provided.

Examples of What Your Maintenance Support Covers:

  • eBridge and eiCloud login failures
  • Connectivity issues
  • eBridge database corruption
  • Exporting eBridge solutions
  • Troubleshooting unattended processes
  • Adding carrier in the ASN module
  • Importing and exporting of profiles
  • Communications issues, sending and receiving of documents
  • New X12 standards for the eBridge Translator
  • Functional Acknowledgements not being created/received
  • Troubleshooting posting, import/exporting errors
  • Creating new users and configuring security profiles
  • Resolving validation errors in eBridge and on eiCloud
  • Troubleshooting of existing eBridge maps, such as mapping failures
  • eiCloud configuration assistance for eCommerce and eBridge On The Cloud (EOTC)
  • Troubleshooting business rule issues
Consulting and Implementation

The eBridge Connections Professional Services Group offers complete on-site and off-site consulting to determine the most efficient and cost-effective integration solution for your organization. Our implementation consultants will work with you to identify and assess your needs. We then implement an integration solution that is tailored to maximize efficiency across your business processes.

With experience in a wide variety of industry sectors since 1993, we understand the challenges of integration in today's ever-changing and growing eCommerce environment. We know that as your business grows, so do your integration needs. Our solutions are customized to help you reach your targets and those of your business partners.

Our Consulting and Implementation services include:

  • Project scoping
  • Complete on-site or off-site implementation
  • Assistance in the set-up of Value Added Networks (VANs)
  • Assistance in liaising with business partners
  • Training on typical sequence of operational procedures
  • Phone support during office hours



eBridge Connections can deliver a variety of training services to give your organization the knowledge and tools to utilize the eBridge Connections integration platform to its full potential. You can choose from either standard or customized training. Below are the training services that we currently offer: 

  • Mapping training
  • eBridge application training
  • eBridge for the System User
  • eBridge for the Systems Administrator
  • Introduction to EDI
  • Customized training