eBridge's universal connector made it easy for Coravin to connect their MS Dynamics GP accounting package with Magento, OpenCart, and a whole bunch of EDI trading partners

eBridge's universal connector made it easy for Coravin to connect their MS Dynamics GP accounting package with Magento, OpenCart, and a whole bunch of EDI trading partners

When we first met Coravin, they were looking for an integration solution between MS Dynamics GP and Magento (their U.S. eCommerce store)—and they needed it done fast. Their plan was to launch their store just two days later, which meant they needed a reliable integration solution that could be set up quickly.

Thanks to eBridge’s pre-built universal connector, we were able to plug-in the ‘touchpoints’ they needed and get their connection up and running before their launch date. Since then, we’ve also connected their MS Dynamics GP accounting package with OpenCart (their European eCommerce store) and a ton of EDI trading partners.

An eBridge Connections eCommerce integration solution helped Coravin take-off.

For Coravin, it all started with a great idea—to allow wine enthusiasts to enjoy glasses of wine without having to commit to the entire bottle. But how did they do it? By creating a product that allows wine to be poured without ever pulling the cork. Talk about a neat invention!

In order to sell their product online using Magento and OpenCart, Coravin knew they needed order data to update automatically in their MS Dynamics GP accounting package. This is where eBridge came in and hooked them up with an eCommerce integration solution that would seamlessly transfer data back and forth between business systems. With this in place, Coravin would have no problem keeping up with high order volumes as their product flew off the virtual shelves.


The next step? Have their product sell in-store as well.

After about two years of selling online, Coravin decided it was time to sell their product in stores across the globe. This meant they needed to meet the EDI requirements necessary for selling with big-box retailers. Coravin was happy to hear that eBridge’s universal connector could connect them with all of their EDI trading partners (big and small) as well.

“We needed the ability to onboard retailers and prove our credibility,” said Coravin’s VP of IT, Francois Silvain. “We had to be able to transfer documents electronically, and be able to do so quickly and reliably. The efficiency and scalability of eBridge’s platform has been very important for us.”

With this integration in place, Coravin now has 40+ live ‘touchpoints’ and are selling with EDI trading partners worldwide.

Now that they’re set up for success, Coravin can focus on marketing their product as “The gift of the year”.

When asked what they would say to other customers considering an eBridge integration solution, Francois didn’t hesitate at all with his response: “Yes, do it!”

Because they went with eBridge, Coravin has the tools they need to integrate with all of the eCommerce and EDI trading partners they could dream of. This means they can continue to grow, and eBridge’s solution will grow along with them. It’s all thanks to the universal connector that eBridge’s platform is built on— we just ‘plug-in’ the connections as they’re needed.

Now Coravin can get back to focusing on what’s most important—building their brand. With the holidays in mind, they’re marketing their innovative product as “the gift of the year!” We couldn’t be more proud to have them as a customer of ours.

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