eBridge empowers Char-Griller to seamlessly flow orders, shipping, inventory and pricing information between Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics GP

eBridge empowers Char-Griller to seamlessly flow orders, shipping, inventory and pricing information between Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics GP
Find YOUR grill. That is what Char-Griller tasks its website visitors to do.

There are endless types and styles of BBQ grills and smokers out there to choose from.  With ‘Find Your Grill’ as the headline of their website, it is clear that the people of Char-Griller spent a lot of time thinking about the perfect design for their eCommerce website. The idea of personalized grilling plays to the spirit of barbequing, and encourages a natural buying flow for both new and repeat customers. 
So, it’s easy to believe that many, many consumers do in fact find their grill at and hit the BUY button!  However, these orders present a problem (albeit a great problem) for Char-Griller. Dealing with high volumes of online sales can lead to mismanaged inventory levels in the warehouse, a delay in tracking number updates being sent to their consumers, an overwhelming amount of manual data entry, and more.  
Convincing their customers that they could find the right grill with Char-Griller was the easy part. Managing all the information and data that comes along with an online order was the hard part. 
Why did Char-Griller approach eBridge Connections?
“I am looking for more information on your Shopify integration. We use Microsoft Dynamics GP as our ERP and are looking to understand how y’all integrate with Shopify and the pricing associated with that.” 
This was the first communication eBridge had with now customer and friend, Nicholas Williams.
Nick is the Web Development and Content Marketing Manager at Char-Griller. When he wrote to eBridge, he was still relatively new to Char-Griller, but he could already tell that their Shopify website was going to turn impressive numbers of transactions each month, and it needed to be ‘hooked up’ to their back-office ERP in order to save their employees time.
After an initial conversation, Nick introduced Char-Griller’s IT expert to the eBridge team so eBridge could dive a bit deeper into the ins and outs of their integration platform, and answer any technical questions during a live demo of the technology.     
How did the integration project unfold?
Char-Griller was given an account on eBridge Connections’ platform. Then, a dedicated Project Manager was assigned to help bridge the pre-built connection between Char-Griller’s Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP and their Shopify store.
Now the work moved to setting up automated work flows for the different tasks Char-Griller wanted to automate. 
Order data in Shopify was not displayed exactly as it needed to be when it moved through to Microsoft Dynamics GP, so translations were setup and shared business rules were turned on by an eBridge expert to manipulate the data across the disparate systems. 
Once order fields like name, SKU, quantity, address, payment type, and price were identified in Shopify and flowing correctly into eBridge’s integration platform and over to the MS Dynamics GP ERP in the correct format, the other 3 work flows were worked on and completed in this same way; product details, inventory, and shipment. This even included seamlessly flowing information about coupon codes to and from the systems. It was easy working alongside Nick to get product and pricing set up, too.  
And then, the fun part began – testing in production to make sure it all worked in real life.  
Char-Griller can’t wait to start grillin’ with you!
Info synchronization between eCommerce and ERP permits more time to focus on customer service and allows the folks at Char-Griller to focus their attention on what’s new with grills and smokers.  
“Life at Char-Griller is better now with eBridge integration,” says Nick.  
The integration platform eBridge Connections has built and perfected benefits its customers by:
  • Reducing deployment time by using prebuilt ‘connectors’
  • Eliminating manual data entry and avoiding costly errors
  • Increasing the speed of data exchange, improving customer service efficiency
  • Allowing for easy upgrading of an ERP or the simple addition of other connectors
  • Freeing up time and resources to focus on your business
To find your perfect grill today or to learn more about barbeques and smokers, visit These folks know their stuff when it comes to the ideal BBQ!

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