eBridge Connections increases efficiency for a Shopify merchant who sells a rising hair growth system

eBridge Connections increases efficiency for a Shopify merchant who sells a rising hair growth system
To keep up with the high number of orders they are receiving from people eager to try out their system, one of our Shopify merchant customers signed up for eBridge Connections’ $99/month Sage 50 to Shopify connector on the Shopify App Store in order to automate their data entry. The result has been faster order processing that is empowering them to sell more product and do so efficiently.
The Situation: Eager to try out the hair growth system, risk-free, customers from all over the globe have been purchasing product online on their Shopify-powered store

In order to keep up with higher order volumes, our eBridge Connections customer began researching a solution that would automate their order entry process from Shopify to their Sage 50 accounting application. They found eBridge Connections’ Sage 50 DIY integration tool on the Shopify App Store and decided to give it a try.
Their hope was that the eBridge Connections solution would save them from manual data entry overload every time a new order was placed on their Shopify store.

The Solution: Sage 50 to Shopify ‘Do-it-Yourself’ integration by eBridge Connections

The eBridge solution was exactly what they had hoped for. Now their order data would flow from Shopify into their Sage 50 accounting application with no need for human intervention.
The best part? The DIY app was easy to install and set-up in-house with no need for implementation help from the Professional Services team at eBridge Connections. They also had access to a complimentary Support Team at eBridge for any roadblocks they encountered during the set-up process. Not to mention, the integration costs them a mere $99/month which is more than worth it for the amount of time they now save on data entry.

Why eBridge Connections’ DIY integration is a great choice for Shopify merchants wishing to ‘test the waters’ with automation:
  • It’s robust, reliable, and easy to configure

  • No installation fee, and a minor monthly cost

  • Comes with a 14-day free trial

  • Allows merchants to automate order processing, eliminate re-keying data, and avoid costly errors



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