Rad Power Bikes shifted gears and eliminated manual data entry between their Shopify Plus and Microsoft Dynamics GP System

Rad Power Bikes shifted gears and eliminated manual data entry between their Shopify Plus and Microsoft Dynamics GP System
To continue selling electric bikes online using their Shopify Plus powered store, Rad Power Bikes knew they needed to enable an automated sales ordering process that would increase their eCommerce efficiency and allow their business to grow. The last thing they wanted was to set their eCommerce customers up for a bumpy ride by manually processing orders and rekeying data by hand between their online store and their Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains ERP system. They knew this could result in errors that would be costly for their business and frustrating for their customers.

Mike Radenbaugh, President of Rad Power Bikes, reached out to eBridge Connections in search of an integration solution that would turn their current process into a much smoother operation.
The Situation: Cycling through so many orders was becoming a logistical nightmare for Rad Power Bike’s accounting team.

At the forefront of electric vehicle technology development, there has been no shortage of success for Rad Power Bikes since its founding in 2007. But with great success, often comes a few growing pains, and as Rad Power Bikes grew, they quickly realized that automating their order processing would be crucial to their business’s success in the future.

Rather than manually enter orders, inventory, shipping information, etc., between their Shopify Plus store and their Microsoft Dynamics GP back-office system, they knew that their accounting team would benefit from an integration solution that could automate the flow of data and maximize efficiency.
The Solution: Easy to use and productive for Rad’s Teams

Thankfully, when they reached out to eBridge Connections, they learned that eBridge has pre-built connectors for Shopify Plus and for Microsoft Dynamics GP. This meant they had found a company that wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel in order to get their integration solution up and running.

Rad Power Bikes could simply use the pre-built connectors as a starting point, and with the help of eBridge Connections’ implementation team, configure the connectors and add customizations that would help flow the data exactly the way Rad Power Bikes needed it to flow.
What made eBridge Connections the best fit?

Rad Power Bikes needed an integration solution that could scale along with their growing business. What they found ‘rad’ about eBridge Connections’ integration platform was its universality and the way connectors could be added or removed with ease. This means if they change any of their business systems down the road, they can simply add or remove connectors while keeping their integration solution intact.
Shopify Plus Integration With Microsoft Dynamics GP
What makes Rad Power Bikes so unique?

Rad Power Bikes intentionally forgoes the traditional bicycle distribution channel which typically means a hefty price tag for consumers. In addition to their Shopify Plus online store where consumers can buy individual replacement parts and accessories, they also offer a full-time customer support phone line and email.

This company is a group of dedicated eBike enthusiasts, product designers, and entrepreneurs with a passion for business and technology.

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