Shopify to CommerceHub QVC: Integrating EDI for an On-Air TV Spot For Splash Wines

Shopify to CommerceHub QVC: Integrating EDI for an  On-Air TV Spot For Splash Wines

Splash Wines reached out to eBridge to integrate their EDI

Where It All Started

Splash is a family in both a feeling and a literal way. Splash was founded through generations of families making great wines. Their connection with winemakers results in top quality and broad selection. From typical to obscure, they promise one thing: the wine will rock. Price is a big factor that they explore too. Getting the price down (they only charge 15% above their retails). They bring the world of wines to you. It’s a beautiful story.

Their Sales Channel Got More Exciting

Splash sells online and instore. More recently, they are connecting with new retailers, such as QVC. The team saw this audience as a BIG opportunity. With their partnership with Christie Brinkley secured, they locked down a tv spot on QVC.

However, complying with QVC’s fast turnaround time was the next hurdle. Shipments needed to go out on time. Customers need to be alerted of their order. EDI data exchange between QVC is through CommerceHub. Things needed to be tested and pushed live well before the tv event. 
  • To sell via QVC, supplier need to use CommerceHub
  • EDI is a language between supplier (Splash Wines in this case) and the retailer (QVC).
  • To get orders, suppliers need to do EDI
  • To take on large order volume, they need to integrate their EDI (removing the manual work)

Splash Works with eBridge

Parker Imeson, their Chief Operations Officer, began hunting for a solution to their data and order volume problem after they signed to be featured on QVC. Using QVC as a channel, suppliers need to go through CommerceHub for their EDI. They were referred to eBridge through CommerceHub. eBridge and CommerceHub struck a partnership in 2019.

The project plan took shape and the efforts began.
1. The integration project was scoped
2. The workflows – or dataflows – to be automated were identified
3. The project was approved by Splash Wines, and kicked off by an eBridge Project Manager
4. Partnership and hard work between Splash, CommerceHub and eBridge built on trust
5. Live, ready, tweaks, then then onto the next job!

4 reasons suppliers and brands like Splash use eBridge for CommerceHub EDI integration 

  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Avoid costly errors such as wrong quantity, address or price
  • Reduce administrative costs, freeing up valuable resources
  • Improve retailer and customer satisfaction by processing orders correctly and on time
CommerceHub suppliers have integrated their EDI documents to save time and to comply with fast turnaround times from their retailers and marketplaces.

✓ 850 EDI doc from CommerceHub QVC to Shopify as an Inbound Sales Order
✓ 856 EDI doc to CommerceHub QVC using eBridge webforms

Eagle, ID, USA

Swing by Splash Wines to learn more about their products.


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