Wilson Electronics improves your mobile device connectivity, while a Sage 100 ERP and Shopify Plus connection by eBridge runs in the background to keep their business operating smoothly.

Wilson Electronics improves your mobile device connectivity, while a Sage 100 ERP and Shopify Plus connection by eBridge runs in the background to keep their business operating smoothly.


We live in an integrated world where both people and businesses are more connected than ever before. Wilson Electronics, Inc. understands how important it is to consumers, today, to have near-perfect cell phone service at all times. That’s why they’ve created cell phone signal boosters that improve call quality and reduce dropped calls with cellular and data signals up to 32x stronger. These folks are working hard each and every day to keep all of us better connected.

But, in order to keep their business running smoothly and efficiently, they needed some connectivity help of their own. That’s why Wilson Electronics decided to reach out to eBridge Connections and request a reliable integration between their back-office Sage 100 ERP and the Shopify Plus store they use to sell their products online to customers worldwide.

The Situation: Fulfillment was becoming a logistical nightmare for this busier-than-ever company.

There is no shortage of people out there looking for the best of the best when it comes to reliable cell phone service. This has been great news for Wilson Electronics who have seen their weBoost, WilsonPro, and zBoost products fly off the virtual shelves as customers eagerly order their products to enhance their cell phone signals.
However, all of these online orders have resulted in Wilson Electronics being busier than ever with manual data entry to and from their Sage 100 ERP and Shopify Plus store in order to keep up with the fulfillment side of their business.

The Solution: A robust eBridge Connections integration solution that would automate order entry between Sage 100 and Shopify Plus.

Thankfully, eBridge Connections was able to step up to the plate and save this awesome company a lot of time and energy previously spent on keying in orders. With an automated integration solution between Sage 100 and Shopify Plus in place, the team over at Wilson Electronics can now focus on growing their business while resting assured that their order and fulfilment process is more streamlined and efficient.

“We are loving the eBridge Connections solution we’ve implemented,” said Kyle Brandt, Database Technician at Wilson Electronics, Inc. “This has saved us at least 10 hours a week on just the fulfillment side. This new process has helped streamline the way our orders are inputted into Sage 100, and our team couldn’t be happier with the automation.”

What made eBridge Connections the best fit?

Wilson Electronics was in need of an integration solution provider that could support their growing order volume as their products continued to sell quicker than ever. With over 600 active customers and 5000+ live ‘touch points’ with data flowing through their integration platform in real-time all day, every day, eBridge Connections had the reliable platform that Wilson Electronics had been searching for.

Sage 100 Integration with Shopify Plus

What makes Wilson Electronics such a success?

Wilson Electronics started making cell phone signal boosters way back in 1999. They were the first to design, build, and supply cell signal boosters to the U.S. and Canadian markets. Over the years they have developed and refined their technology in order to add new customer-requested signal boosters to their product lines and grow their business exponentially.

With three great brands, they are one great company that stops dropped calls and lost connections, eliminates no-signal dead zones, extends your cellular connection range, speeds up your data uploads/downloads, extends battery life, and so much more.


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