TeleDynamics speaks about the unsung heroes involved in their EDI to Sage 500 eBridge integration

TeleDynamics speaks about the unsung heroes involved in their EDI to Sage 500 eBridge integration
Our marketing team recently reached out to eBridge Connections’ customer Teledynamics to ask “how are we doing?”  Within minutes, 2 of their employees sent back sincere praise about eBridge Connections employees, and how they tackle real world business problems. It is our pleasure to share their feedback with you.

Who is Teledynamics and what does their business look like?

TeleDynamics is a wholesale supplier of telecommunications products as well as a variety of consumer electronics. They have excellent customer service and expert product knowledge – gained from being in the industry for over 30 years.  They are constantly expanding their knowledge to meet ever-changing consumer demands. 
If you are a merchant or distributor, I bet this sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Supplying 8,000 products to 11 trading partners is impossible without automation

Need cables?  Teledynamics has them.  Need phones?  Teledynamics has them.  Their supply meets demand – on time – because they have integrated their ERP, which is Sage 500, right to their EDI trading partners.  They have also integrated their home-grown online store to their ERP to save time, speed up order processing and improve inventory accuracy.

Sage 500 Integration With EDI Using eBridge

The human side of this story

Nick from Teledynamics shared his genuine impression of eBridge. 

“…you guys need to know how valuable your team is to TeleDynamics and myself…the unsung heroes go to work each and every day and make a difference, but never get the recognition. I speak from experience working with other jobs. I have always thought that people that are special at what they do deserve recognition and praise... “
“I honestly do thank you guys because whenever we need something, you are always there for us no matter what… it’s always nice to have someone with tenure and experience working alongside you, it makes things a little easier.”
At eBridge Connections we work hard to make long-lasting relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves on our happy customers, like Nick. We want to help businesses grow and succeed, and our robust integration solutions make that happen.

What would you say to other businesses considering eBridge Connections?

Judging by Nick’s encouraging comments, we figure he wouldn’t hesitate to recommend eBridge to a friend.
“Speaking of tenure and tons of mapping experience… eBridge’s knowledge and professionalism is unsurpassed in the coding realm… Again, thank you guys very much for what you do every day and I could probably go on and on…” 

As TeleDynamics continues to grow, we’ll be ready to scale along with them

Thanks to the universal nature of eBridge Connection’s platform, we’re proud to offer TeleDynamics an integration solution they can confidently adapt, reconfigure, and expand as their business grows.
If Nick and his team decide it’s time to add new trading partners, upgrade their Sage 500 accounting package, or expand their online presence to other eCommerce platforms, their integration solution can be “plugged-in” to more business systems or trading partners, of which connectors are maintained by eBridge, as needed.

Linking Sage 500 With EDI and eCommerce



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