Employees at Blello Mattress are sleeping soundly after automating their WooCommerce order information and EDI data with their SAP Business One ERP using eBridge Connections

Employees at Blello Mattress are sleeping soundly after automating their WooCommerce order information and EDI data with their SAP Business One ERP using eBridge Connections

Blello Mattress is so certain that their mattresses will bring their customers sweet dreams that they even offer a 100-night free trial for folks that want to experience the comfort themselves risk-free. This unique company is hyper-focused on ensuring that their customers sleep easy, which is why they ship for free and right to the door in a compact box.

But, in order to make sure that their employees sleep easy as well, Girish Nebhwani, Co-Founder of Blello Mattress, knew it was time to automate their business process and eliminate manual data entry between SAP Business One and WooCommerce, as well as set up EDI with their mattress manufacturer.

The Situation: Manual data entry was keeping Girish and his team up at night.

In order to work with the manufacturer of their choosing, Blello Mattress needed help setting up EDI so that they could exchange invoices and other standard business documents with the manufacturing company that would handle the fulfillment of their mattresses.

They also needed to automate order information when purchases were made online through their WooCommerce store. Rather than manually enter orders, inventory, shipping information, etc., between WooCommerce and their SAP Business One back-office system, they knew that their accounting team would benefit from an integration solution that could automate the flow of data and maximize efficiency.

The Solution: A comprehensive all-in-one integration solution by eBridge that would unify their EDI, eCommerce, and ERP.

The smart web agency that helped Blello Mattress design and build their WooCommerce store, first reached out to eBridge Connections to see if an eBridge integration solution would meet the EDI requirements needed by the mattress’ manufacturing company.

Once eBridge got in touch with Girish at Blello Mattress, he was excited to find out that eBridge could automate the EDI with the manufacturer, and also provide order integration from WooCommerce to the company’s SAP Business One ERP system. This would offer a completely automated business process and eliminate the need for manual data entry between the applications and systems Blello Mattress was using.

WooCommerce and SAP Business One Integration by eBridge

Next Steps for Blello Mattress and eBridge Connections?

Girish looks forward to adding more integration connectors and functionality down the road with eBridge Connections as his business continues to grow.

Up next is an Amazon connector with eBridge Connections which is a process already in the works! With this addition to Blello Mattress’s integration solution, orders will flow from Amazon to SAP Business One, saving Girish and his team from hours of manual data entry.

Ready to sleep better with a Blello Mattress of your own?

If you’re ready to say hello to a better night’s sleep, and wake up feeling rested and refreshed, visit and purchase your new mattress today. We know you won’t regret it!



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