A NetSuite and Shopify integration helps Back To The Roots transfer thousands of documents without manual entry

A NetSuite and Shopify integration helps Back To The Roots transfer thousands of documents without manual entry

Meet Back to The Roots and Their Shopify and Netsuite Integrated eCommerce Network

When two young men decided to give up their corporate job offers and instead become full-time mushroom farmers, Back To The Roots was born. What began as an experiment in urban farming soon blossomed into a company built around the idea of growing delicious and ready-to-eat products that would “undo food” processed in labs and reconnect people back to where organic food comes from at its roots.

As their business took off, founders Alejandro and Nikhil, decided to turn to Shopify’s eCommerce platform as a way of selling their fresh grown products online to families across the country.

The Situation - A Need for Shopify and NetSuite Integration

It quickly became evident that families from all over were eager to buy organic food that comes from a kitchen, not a lab. Business was booming for Back To The Roots and orders were picking up on their Shopify store. So much so that data entry between Shopify and the company’s NetSuite ERP system was becoming a nightmare for Back To The Roots employees to keep up with.

Dustin Sollick, Sales & Operations Admin at Back To The Roots, knew it was time to automate their business processes with an integration solution that would save the company time and money.

The Solution - eBridge's iPaaS for Shopify and NetSuite

Dustin reached out to eBridge Connections to learn how they could help integrate Shopify and NetSuite so that orders, customer data, payments, and shipping/tracking information would be synced, bi-directionally, between Back To The Roots online store and their back-office accounting application.

With their integration solution implemented, Back To The Roots has now transferred thousands of documents electronically to and from their Shopify and NetSuite applications with no need for manual data entry between the two. This means they’re processing orders for their customers accurately and more importantly, quickly, every single time.


What made eBridge Connections the best fit?

Back To The Roots needed an integration solution provider that could support their growing order volume as their business continues to mature and develop. Having over 600 live customers and 5000+ live ‘touch points’ with data flowing through their integration platform in real-time all day, every day, eBridge Connections has a reliable platform that Back To The Roots could count on.

How is Back To The Roots different?

A quick look at Back To The Roots’ website and it’s easy to determine what makes them unique. This company knows that in order to move forward with healthy, organic food choices, we all need to take it back to the roots where food begins. To quote their manifesto, “it’s true transparency, and food made in a kitchen, not a lab. With feeling, not formulas. It’s food that’s not patented, but passed down—with recipes not kept secret, but shared.”

Meet eBridge's iPaaS for Shopify and NetSuite

eBridge Connections universal iPaaS has pre-built connectors for Shopify and NetSuite. Shopify merchants prefer eBridge's iPaaS for Shopify due to its universality. Leveraging our pre-built connectors for Shopify and NetSuite  eBridge can implement an integration with your Shopify store in a speedy manner. In addition, our pre-built connectors limit the reliance on additional dev work.  

eBridge is hosted on Microsoft Azure, therefore ensuring an almost 99.9% uptime and industry leading security. With an integration solution from eBridge, you can ensure that your commerce network is connected and communicating data bi-directionally


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