Marvy Uchida - Shopify & Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Success Story

Marvy Uchida - Shopify & Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Success Story

A Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Success Story


We sit down (virtually) with Julie Adachi from Marvy Uchida. We discuss how eBridge was able to integrate Shopify with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Discover how with the eBridge iPaaS (integration Platform as as Service), Marvy Uchida can have automatic bi-directional data flow between Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics GP. 

More About Marvy Uchida 

Marvy Uchida is manufacturer and distributor of craft and office supply products. Uchida’s product catalogue ranges from markers, pens, and artist tools. Year after year professional artists and crafters alike have come to recognize Marvy Uchida as their go-to source for quality art supplies and creative inspiration. They have been operating for over 40 years. Currently, Uchida’s products can be found in retailers nation-wide and online on their own eCommerce store.  

Marvy Uchida’s Commerce Structure  

Uchida is currently using a multi-channel strategy. Their retail presence has grown to include local hobby and art shops as well as nation-wide retailers like Michaels. In addition to their retail distributors, Uchida has an eCommerce store powered by Shopify. Their back-end operations are run by their Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP.  

Working With eBridge Connections  

With their eCommerce store generating sales 24/7, Uchida reached out to eBridge regarding our integration solution for Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics GP. Julie mentioned that the integration process was smooth and efficient. This is mainly due to eBridge’s pre-built connectors for both Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics GP. Furthermore, Julie mentioned that eBridge was speedy when it came to responding to emails, even with the time difference between the east and west coast. In addition, the team at Uchida is impressed with eBridge’s support team and their fast response time, which is usually under an hour.  


How Integration Will Help Marvy Uchida 

Julie stated that integration between Shopify and their Microsoft Dynamics ERP will make their business more seamless. As a result, their customer service division is able to fulfill orders faster. Integration allows Uchida to unify different departments by having their vital business data live in their Microsoft Dynamics ERP.  

What’s Next for Marvy Uchida  

Right now, Uchida is seeing an increase in their online volume sales. Their focus is on growing their online sales channel. During the time of this interview, they were busy prepping for Black Friday and the holiday shopping season to come. With their Shopify store and Dynamics GP ERP integrated, they can rest assured that vital sales data will be automatically populated in their ERP. 


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