Magento to Sage 50 Sales Order Integration for Arcadian

Magento to Sage 50 Sales Order Integration for Arcadian
When you enter Yankee Stadium in New York or The Venetian in Las Vegas, you are never thinking about the antennas throughout these buildings needed to enable lighting control.
The smart people at Arcadian Incorporated do.
For over 15 years, Arcadian has been a leading supplier and distributor of antennas for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and wireless Machine to Machine (M2M) applications. Their network of OEM’s, VAR’s, distributors and system integrators provide mission critical solutions with a wide range of antennas from the industries top-rated manufacturers.
Without Arcadian, millions of baseball fans and gamblers would be in the dark.

Typing Sales Orders From Magento Into Sage 50 Was A Pain

Arcadian has been a client of eBridge Connections for several years. They phoned into eBridge headquarters in June 2017 and explained the pain they experience getting their online sales orders from their Magento store into their back-office ERP Sage 50 US. Our expert walked through their options and gave them pricing to cover the set-up of this work flow, and their recurring licensing fee.
The fact that eBridge Connections has been integrating disparate systems from suppliers for over 20 was a key benefit.

Setting Up The Automation On The eBridge Integration Platform

After several scope calls where both teams discussed exact needs, Arcadian agreed to go with eBridge for integration. An eBridge Project Manager reached out to the team, and they had a kickoff call. Then Arcadian’s automated workflow was set-up between Magento and Sage 50. Sample sales orders were tested. Once everyone was happy with the outcome of implementation, the integration was pushed live.

Arcadian Upgraded from Sage 50 2017 to Sage 50 2019

Often the ERP version that a supplier is using needs to be updated. (Think of your PC asking you to restart for upgrades…) This was the case for Arcadian. They reached out to eBridge again and let them know this upgrade was going to happen. ß This is a smart thing to do!
Integration flow is a very delicate road. Changing one side can quickly break the work flow that you rely on.
One of the Project Managers on the eBridge side began working with Arcadian to look at their upgrade, and see if it might impact automation. Specifically, if upgrading to Sage 50 2019 would break inbound orders from Magento.

How This Upgrade Project Went

eBridge accessed Magento by putting in test orders into the Magento store. Sage 2019 was going live on the same day. eBridge staff was “ready for the upgrade” and around 9pm, the 2019 upgrade went live to Sage 50. Orders were perfect! No issues! The eBridge team tested again just to be sure in the morning.

The Same Old Workflow But On An Upgraded Version Of The ERP Went Live

Today, Arcadian relies on the integration between Magento and Sage 50. Without the automated workflow, they would have a bottleneck in order fulfillment.
Their customers demand fast and accurate delivery of their leading antennas. With a manual data entry process, high order volumes, vacations, sick employees and technology outages could break the chain that gets product to customer efficiently. A reliable automate, eBridge helps Arcadian focus on business growth. They leave the data to us.


✓ Sales orders from Magento into Sage 50 US 2019


New York Metro Area
825 Bloomfield Ave
Verona, NJ  07044
Drop by Arcadian to learn more about their products and solutions. 



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