Everlast - Microsoft Dynamics AX and Magento Integration Success Story

Everlast - Microsoft Dynamics AX and Magento Integration Success Story

We are proud to have Everlast as a customer.  Best known for their bond with boxing, today the company sells its quality gear in-store and online in over 101 countries.  They are a staple in boxing.  115 years since the company started, they continue to make strides in research and development to provide quality products to their devoted fans. 

When the boxing world shops online, orders need to be fast.

Everlast customers care about speed.  The speed of their jab.  And, the speed of their shipment. 

Director of eCommerce, Mike Ebert, knew the only way to “do online orders well” was to make sure that all sales flowed from their Magento eCommerce store over the web to their ERP, directly. 

They were using MS Dynamics AX, and needed technical expertise beyond what they had in-house.  In the new world of online commerce, without fast orders, they would be left in the dust. 

What made Everlast pick eBridge?

Few integrators actually do what eBridge Connections does – provide a pre-built adaptor, or connector, to your accounting package and your eCommerce cart. 

“After looking at several integration vendors, we picked eBridge.  It was the quickest to launch, and the cost was better,” said Mike.

Why life is better now, with integration.

Invoice, ship.  Invoice, ship.  Invoice, ship.  This is the pace of Everlast’s order flow today. 
“Any business that goes through the process of getting an order, invoicing it and then shipping it knows data flow is A LOT of work,” said Mike.  Our customers know – it is important to get data under control. 

“Not many do what eBridge does,” said Mike.  “eBridge Connections came through and provided a solution that was customized to our business.” 

Microsoft Dynamics Integration With MagentoNow Everlast can focus on being, well, Everlast.

eBridge Connections helped Mike and his team streamline item, order and customer data processing.  The cloud-based universal integration platform for Microsoft Dynamics AX eliminated manual data entry.

A company like Everlast needs to focus on what it does best: boxing.  eBridge’s universal connector makes sure online commerce is a synch, and Everlast makes sure that boxers are well equipped for the ring. 

It all boils down to these benefits:

•           Reduce deployment time by using a prebuilt ‘adaptor’
•           Eliminate manual data entry and avoid costly errors
•           Increase the speed of data exchange, improving customer service efficiency
•           Upgrade your ERP or add connections (eCommerce, EDI, CRM) with ease
•           Free up time and resources to focus on your business



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