COVA POS to Quickbooks Integration Streamlines Manual Work For Tokyo Smoke Oshawa

COVA POS to Quickbooks Integration Streamlines Manual Work For Tokyo Smoke Oshawa

eBridge Connections Integrates QuickBooks Online with COVA POS to Save Time, and Add Accuracy and Efficiency for Tokyo Smoke Oshawa

Tokyo Smoke is an award-winning, design focused, legal cannabis retailer. They believe that cannabis is good, and that your shopping experience should be nothing short of great. The sale of cannabis online was legalized in Canada in 2018, and the sale of it in retail stores was legalized in 2019. Since the cannabis industry is very new, industry technology is maturing. New problems need to be solved all the time.

Tokyo Smoke Oshawa Uses COVA POS System to Provide Good Customer Experience, Fast Service and Robust Menus

COVA software is a smart point of sales (POS) system designed specifically for the cannabis retail world. It solves the unique problems that come with instore retail shopping. Clients of Cova, for example Tokyo Smoke Oshawa, can focus on expansion, knowledge and building trust with consumers rather than manual order data processing.

Connecting QuickBooks Online to COVA to Send Daily GL

One problem that Tokyo Smoke Oshawa identified was that they needed a way for their daily sales to make their way into QuickBooks Online. Staff in Tokyo Smoke Oshawa were equipped with COVA POS at the checkout.

With automated system integration – from Cova software to their accounting application – dispensary owners can avoid having a full-time employee entering sales data or the GL into the back-office system. 


✓ GL from COVA to QuickBooks online, once a day  

eBridge Connections is an iPaaS vendor with experience

Moving data between systems is hard, but the team at eBridge has been there, done that. When cannabis was legalized in Canada, eBridge quickly partnered with COVA Software to help solve this age old problem in this new market. Interested in seeing what COVA integration can look like with eBridge Connections? Watch this quick demo video now.
Drop by Tokyo Smoke’s website. “Elevated cannabis is here. Finally.”



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