Jordan Outdoor Enterprises integrates their BigCommerce store with Microsoft Dynamics GP using eBridge Connections as their iPaaS.

Jordan Outdoor Enterprises integrates their BigCommerce store with Microsoft Dynamics GP using eBridge Connections as their iPaaS.
In order to improve efficiency for their very successful BigCommerce store that sells hunting and fishing gear, the folks at Jordan Outdoor Enterprises were eager to find a way to flow sales orders, inventory, and shipping updates to and from their Realtree online store and their back-office MS Dynamics GP ERP system.
The Situation: A better way of processing orders, adjusting inventory, and sending shipment updates was becoming a must for the team at Jordan Outdoor Enterprises

Vision on behalf of their founder, and Promotion to spur the company’s growth, are the qualities that Realtree attributes to their success. If you read about their company on, you’ll find that “Realtree has steadily grown to become a household name and one of the strongest brands in the hunting industry,” largely as a result of their founder, Bill Jordan, and his vision for the company as well as his strength in learning how to promote it.

But with great success and fast growth, comes a problem for the employees on the backend that are responsible for manually entering order data, inventory updates, and shipment details back and forth across platforms. Eventually, the sheer volume of data becomes unmanageable. This was certainly the case for DJ. Jennings, Sales Manager, at Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, which prompted her and her team to reach out to eBridge for help.
The Solution: An iPaaS solution that would scale along with Realtree as they continue to grow their brand.

When DJ reached out to eBridge Connections she was happy to learn that eBridge has pre-built connectors for BigCommerce and for Microsoft Dynamics GP. This meant they had found a company that wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel in order to get their integration solution up and running.

Jordan Outdoor Enterprises could simply use the pre-built connectors as a starting point, and with the help of eBridge Connections’ implementation team, configure the connectors and add customizations that would help flow the data exactly the way they needed it to flow for their Realtree store and their Dynamics GP ERP.
What made eBridge Connections the best fit?

If there’s one thing the team at Jordan Outdoor Enterprises needed for their and GP integration, it was a solution that could scale along with their growing business. What they found most exciting about eBridge Connections’ integration platform was its universality and the way connectors could be added or removed with ease. In addition, eBridge had pre-built connectors for BigCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics GP. This means if they change any of their business systems down the road, they can simply add or remove connectors while keeping their integration solution intact.

BigCommerce integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP using eBridge



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