New eBay Tools That Will Help You Sell More

New eBay Tools That Will Help You Sell More

Friday, September 27, 2019Eric Zegarski

These Tools Will Help You Sell More on eBay

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, eBay is rolling out new features the help their merchants get the most out of the holiday season. Both are accessible through your Seller Hub portal. The first feature allows you to send offers directly to shoppers. The second allows you to make data driven decisions in relation to your performance and analyze your competitors.  Let’s dive a bit deeper into each new feature and explore how you as an eBay merchant can leverage them effectively.  

Send Offers to Buyers in Seller Hub  

Ebay is introducing a new “Offers to buyers” feature in Seller Hub that will help you target buyers who are interested in your items. To send an offer to buyers, go to your Active Listings page in Seller Hub. Select "Offer to buyers" and click "Eligible for offers." After you send an offer, you'll see "Offer sent" next to the listing. Be sure to view each page of your active listings to see all eligible listings. This allows you to target buyers who add items to their carts but haven't completed their purchases. Abandoned cart recovery FTW! 

You’ll be able to capitalize on this feature when buyers have added your items to their carts but not checked out within 5 days. You will be notified when buyers become eligible to receive offers through this new feature. You can learn more about sending offers to buyers here


Terapeak – an eBay Insight Tool 

Who doesn’t love more data! Terapeak, an exclusive eBay insights tool available in Seller Hub. It's located under the “Research” tab, which was previously called the “Growth” tab. Terapeak uses recent eBay supply, demand, and pricing data to help you determine what to sell, when to sell it, and at what price. 

Terapeak features are being implemented in Seller Hub, so you’ll no longer need to leave to use the tool. Soon, all Terapeak research functionality will be integrated into Seller Hub, along with new insights tools and features, and will no longer be available. eBay will alert you in advance of the change. In the interim, you can still access eBay encourages you to use Terapeak in Seller Hub before the change. Learn more about Terapeak here.  

Integration Supercharges Your eBay Store  

Using these tools, we have no doubt that you will be able to boost your eBay sales. Due to an increase in order volume, you’ll need to track your inventory more accurately to avoid stock outs. An integrated commerce network between your eBay store(s) and your ERP ensures almost instantaneous bi-directional data flow. As a result, you’ll eliminate the need for manual data entry and will be able to reap benefits such as faster order fulfillment. Furthermore, we have a pre-built eBay connector. As a result, we can implement an eBay integration in a timely manner.  

In addition, eBridge is hosted on Microsoft Azure, therefore ensuring an almost 99.9% uptime and industry leading security. With an integration solution from eBridge, you can ensure that your commerce network is connected and communicating data bi-directionally.

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