Thursday, September 17, 2015Global Administrator Last month we began introducing our valued partners. Today we would like to introduce Inspire Digital UK!

With a diverse skill set and a team of over 70 developers, Inspire Digital not only specializes in the eCommerce realm but in digital marketing over all. They help their clients, partners and stakeholders succeed in this ever changing space!

See below for full interview:

1.  What is your specialty (which eCommerce platform do you work with)?

Our eCommerce solutions range across various platforms and frameworks, but we tend to focus on Magento as our core skillset.

2.  Why did you select that as your specialty? Why do you believe in this platform?

When it comes to range of features, very few solutions come close to Magento as an agile, affordable, robust and customisable platform. From international eCommerce to flash sales web sites, Magento offers a range of features that allow almost any eCommerce vision to be achieved. That’s why we love it!

3.  How long have you been doing what you’re doing?

Our team of 70+ developers have been actively involved in Magento development for more than 5 years and it’s become a passion of ours.

4.  Who are some of your notable clients?

We have an extensive client list, including SageSync Magento, Lottery Rewards,, Refer.To and 1DarCart eShop Solutions (Please get in contact to request more).

5.  Tell us something interesting about your company that makes you different?

Inspire Digital has a substantial background in online monetization and has been there from the very beginning. We can help you through your entire online journey – building your product/ solution, growing customers and revenue and accurately measuring performance.

6.  Why did you choose to work with eBridge Connections?

We evaluate and select Partners based on stringent criteria and when it comes to accounting integration platforms, eBridge Connections are a step above the rest.

7.  Provide a quote on eCommerce, the digital world, or just what you do overall.

“The best website in the world won’t drive revenue if nobody sees it”, which is the stark reminder that development and digital marketing go hand in hand in today’s digital world.

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