NetSuite is Moving to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

NetSuite is Moving to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Friday, October 11, 2019Eric Zegarski

NetSuite is Migrating to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure  

In case you have missed it, NetSuite was acquired by Oracle back in 2016. This acquisition has allowed NetSuite to take advantage of Oracle’s global infrastructure. Part of the acquisition deal was moving NetSuite to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).  

Oracle NetSuite VP Evan Goldberg was quoted saying ” Oracle NetSuite Executive VP Evan Goldberg told ZDNet. "Besides obviously giving Oracle an opportunity to showcase that OCI can handle a cloud application as sophisticated at scale as NetSuite, it also is something we look forward to and would bring benefits that otherwise would be difficult or impossible for us to achieve."   

Oracle has already began transitioning NetSuite to the OCI. In September 2019, Oracle announced that they have already transitioned their customers in Frankfurt and London to the OCI. Over the next 18 months, NetSuite has laid out a plan regarding migrating to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. You can read more about the transition on NetSuite's website. The plan is as follows:

  • In the next 18 months, NetSuite will go live in a total of 18 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure data centers across the U.S., EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and JAPAC (Japan and Asia Pacific). 
  • By Spring 2020, Oracle will provision 100 percent of new NetSuite customers in Europe on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. 
  • Following the launch of data centers in Europe, NetSuite will go live on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in data centers in APAC, starting with Japan and Australia, which will have two data centers each. 
  • Two U.S. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regions will be available to new NetSuite customers next spring. 

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