Reduce Your Shopify Plus Merchant Fee

Reduce Your Shopify Plus Merchant Fee

Tuesday, October 30, 2018Lindsay Hampson
Lessons from technical eCommerce integration experts
eCommerce to ERP integration is all about moving manual tasks out of the merchant or brand’s way. 
We learned that displaying a data point on every inbound invoice to the accounting system or ERP would save Shopify Plus merchants.

Our customer, a Shopify Plus merchant, pays Shopify a percentage on each order they get.  These payouts, commonly called Shopify Plus merchant fees, show up on their merchant dashboard, and in their monthly totals, etc.  
Say that this fee is 2%. If this Shopify Plus merchant gets an order for $20.00, they get to keep $19.60, and $0.40 goes to Shopify.
The backend Shopify Plus merchant dashboard shows orders, returns, popular items, website hits, and much more. It also displays how much of this money goes to the merchants, and how much stays with Shopify. This second part is called the merchant fee, or the platform and transaction fee.  
At the end of the month, a Shopify Plus merchant explained how, right now, there isn’t a way to quickly reconcile the total Shopify Plus “merchant fee” from their monthly orders, let alone for each order. 
In our customer’s case, their business needed to report on what the merchant fee is, down to individual order.

Discovered by our customer and team:
While doing their ERP to Shopify integration, our project lead added this customization to our development queue. Most, if not all, integration platforms do not pass this merchant fee onto each invoice right now – eBridge creating this out of the box for future customers.  
Without having worked alongside this Shopify Plus merchant, we wouldn’t have known merchant fee reconciliation was a pain point, and we wouldn’t have been able to offer it to other Shopify Plus merchants. 
Adding this field to every order will save this merchant time every month during accounting reconciliation.
eBridge Connections is actively building an automation so that each and every order that comes into a merchant’s ERP or accounting system lists the Shopify merchant fee. The objective is to streamline end-of-the-month reconciliation.

Integrate your Shopify Plus platform with your ERP and save! 


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