Wishing you could integrate ShipStation with CommerceHub? We can help!

Wishing you could integrate ShipStation with CommerceHub? We can help!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017Lauren Macdonald ShipStation is one of the best platforms out there for enabling eCommerce merchants to import, organize, process, package, and ship their orders. It also comes with a wide range of features such as automated order importing, custom hierarchical rules, product profiles, fulfillment solutions, and more.

One thing merchants are noticing, however, is that ShipStation does not currently integrate with CommerceHub. This means a lot of manual data entry to and from ShipStation for those merchants who sell their products in big-box retailers like Home Depot, Best Buy, Staples, and many others that require CommerceHub EDI connections.

Manual data entry is a hindrance for these merchants.

A quick Google search for CommerceHub and ShipStation integration makes it easy to identify that this is a real pain-point for many retailers. Here’s just a few of the comments we’ve come across in online forums where merchants are searching for a solution:

“We use Home Depot CommerceHub and I’m having to enter 40+ orders manually into ShipStation which takes a lot of time and effort.”

“Looking for a way to automate this process. Not having CommerceHub integration is a significant problem for our business.”

“Integration between these two products would make our lives much easier!”

How eBridge Connections can help close the gap between ShipStation and CommerceHub…

We hear you loud and clear, merchants! There’s no way you can keep up with manual data entry between these systems as your business continues to grow.

For nearly 25 years, eBridge Connections has been in the business of simplifying EDI for retailers just like you. We have pre-built connectors for all of the leading big-box retailers who have strict requirements for EDI in order to stock their shelves with your goods. CommerceHub customers’ included!

For a complete list of eBridge’s supported EDI trading partners, click here.

We also partnered with ShipStation not too long ago, and have since built a connector that can integrate your ShipStation software, not only with CommerceHub and other big-box retailers, but also with your accounting/ERP system, your eCommerce platform, and/or your CRM application.

We support all of the leading accounting/ERPs like NetSuite, SAP, Sage, Epicor, MS Dynamics, QuickBooks, etc. We also integrate with Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Miva, Salesforce, MS Dynamics CRM, and much, much more.

We make integrating ShipStation and CommerceHub easy. 

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