Anticipating high order volumes this Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Here's how to keep up:

Anticipating high order volumes this Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Here's how to keep up:

Tuesday, November 15, 2016Lauren Macdonald

How to Keep Up With High Order Volumes on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 

Hey e-retailers! By now you’ve probably stocked up on inventory in anticipation of high order volumes to come during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. But are you stressing out thinking about all the manual data entry you’re going to be stuck doing as the orders come rolling in?

We get it.

Being unable to keep up with order entry could mean that:

  • Your inventory levels according to your accounting/ERP system will not accurately reflect what you really have left in stock… meaning you might sell more items than you actually have available
  • Your customers will be waiting around for shipping notices and tracking numbers to confirm that their package will arrive in a timely fashion
  • Or worse, your customers may become angry that their orders are taking too long to be delivered
  • You or your employees may become overwhelmed by the workload and feel like you’ll never catch up.
  • You’ll be rushing to get things back on track which may result in data entry errors that could cost your business money.
How We Can Help

Here at eBridge Connections we offer integration that enables bi-directional data exchange between eCommerce platforms and the leading accounting/ERP packages. That means that we can offer a solution which will enable your orders, inventory levels, shipping updates, customer information, and more to move seamlessly between systems without you having to lift a finger!

Here’s a quick video to show you what we mean:

Black Friday Cyber Monday Large Volume Orders

We know that you’re just one person. By integrating your accounting/ERP package with your eCommerce store, you can have a fully-managed solution that will connect your systems, transfer your data automatically, and streamline your business processes.

We make integrating eCommerce and ERP easy

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