Microsoft Dynamics AX & CRM Integration Solution

Microsoft Dynamics AX & CRM Integration Solution

Wednesday, November 23, 2016Lauren Macdonald

How to Easilty Integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX With Your ERP

MS Dynamics AX 7 brought with it a multitude of changes and new features. Click here for a full breakdown of the updates in areas such as cost management, inventory management, financial management, procurement and sourcing, etc.

While these changes might be great for your business and helpful for your accountant, they could pose a challenge for your integration provider who carefully coded a solution to connect your previous MS Dynamics AX accounting package with your eCommerce platform, CRM application, or EDI trading partners.
What makes AX 7 so different when it comes to integrations?

According to MS Dynamics World, support for the old MS Dynamics AX interface (MorphX) no longer exists for AX 7, as all development has moved to Visual Studio instead.

So chances are, any integration provider who wrote to a previous version of MS Dynamics AX, is now looking at a major re-write. Yikes!

That is… unless you chose eBridge Connections as your integration provider.

Why is eBridge Connections different?

At eBridge Connections, we have a universal integration platform that can transfer data from virtually any accounting package, into our cloud-based ePortal where we re-write the data into a format that can be outputted into any eCommerce platform, CRM application, or EDI trading partner. The universality of the integration solution supports customizations, updates, and changes a lot easier than integration providers who write directly from one specific business system to another.

In addition, we’re ahead of the game as we’ve been writing to Visual Studio all along… No re-writes needed here!

So, if you feel like everything changed when you updated to MS Dynamics AX 7, you can rest assured that our connector remains the same.

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