Jasper Studios: Professional Business Systems To Power Micro-Moments

Jasper Studios: Professional Business Systems To Power Micro-Moments

Monday, November 7, 2016Lauren Macdonald

By Jon Marsella, Jasper Studios

It’s 3:42am and those seductive baby-blue-hues are irradiating my eyeballs with cancer beams again.  I awoke suddenly and couldn’t resist reaching across my night-table for my iPhone to indulge in another squinty-eyed search-powered info-snack.   ( Should I be getting some sleep instead ?! )

It can start with a flash of media from Netflix on a cold driserable November day.  Maybe it was induced by a smell or sound that teased a distant memory.  Often it’s tangent driven, such as whether or not driserable is an official Oxford Dictionary word [which it isn’t btw] and so now I’m fully compelled to know the answer, immediately.  And there it is again.  Regardless of the initiating stimulus I’m just about to have what Google has officially termed a: micro-moment.  

A micro-moment usually plays itself out on a mobile device and is driven by the need to know something or do something… right here, right now, in the moment.  They are not always rife with intent, often they are a knee-jerk assault on the pocket and they can happen 100’s of times per day apparently.

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