How Integration Pays for Itself

How Integration Pays for Itself

Thursday, November 17, 2016Lindsay Hampson

How an iPaaS Solution For Your eCommerce, ERP & EDI Pays For Itself 

The cost of eCommerce to accounting integration licenses and services is never a planned line item in your budget. Also working against integration; the fact that system connection is not sexy, and it is pretty much the exact opposite of fun.    

However, even the biggest sceptics can agree that web store integration is important for these 4 reasons:

  1. Making sure orders are processed and shipped fast matters to your customers and to the Amazons of the world.
  2. Making sure your inventory levels jive – instore and online – matters to your customers and your supply leads. 
  3. Making sure your product is available to your buyers – in all of the many places they may look for it – matters.
  4. Synching client all new order data to Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM matters too.

Integration matters.  But is its cost justified?

One of our smart eBridge’rs made accounting integration as easy to justify as your monthly Netflix charge.

They'd spoken to 100s of merchants and entrepreneurs like yourself and weighed through their concerns around inaccurate inventory, slow orders, manual data entry and changing platform requirements. 

He then created up a simple, but all inclusive, return on investment calculator to explain – in black and white and on a case by case basis – how automation impacts the bottom line.  


How an iPaaS solution pays for itself

I’ll cut right to the chase.
  • Order entry can be a part-time job in itself
  • It takes 8 minutes to enter in one order transaction
  • Humans make errors and errors cost you unhappy reviews
  • It takes 10 minutes to update inventory
  • You’re left with a mess when your order data person is ill or away on holidays
  • The cost of integration is often much less than a part-time salary
For these reasons alone, we have had many customers like you reach out to us for help.  In many cases it actually costs more NOT to integrate, if you can believe it. 

If you want to test the integration waters before automating every piece of work you do – transactions, inventory and customer records – start small.  Perhaps engage eBridge to automate orders, for example, and gain some ROI from the integration and then reinvest that ROI in to more touch points.

At the end of the day if you save $3,000 in 6 months with order entry automation, that covers more than the cost of setup and annuals for an additional touch point like shipping and tracking data automation.

how an iPaaS integration solution for your eCommerce, ERP and EDI pays for itself


eBridge takes on most of the workload so you don't have to worry about the not so sexy, not so fun stuff...

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