Black Friday Cyber Monday - 'That Was Brutal' Watch 2020

Black Friday Cyber Monday - 'That Was Brutal' Watch 2020

Friday, November 27, 2020Lindsay Hampson


It is here: Black Friday! Good luck to all the merchants and suppliers out there. Your Shopify, Amazon, Magento, BigCommerce, ebay, WooCommerce and other stores are set up. Or, your products are loaded and ready to sell online at the big box retailer websites like Home Depot, Walmart, or Costco. Your product inventory is ready. Your staff have rolled up their sleeves and your warehouse is set. It's go time. 

What Processes Suck For Merchants During Black Friday Cyber Monday

What sucks for you this year? Misery loves company. #thatwasbrutalwatch2020 

While you lure, process, fulfill and ship out customer orders this cyber holiday, pay attention to the stuff that sucks for you and your team.

  • selling inventory you don't have?
  • is typing in orders manually a pain?
  • getting the best shipping rates impossible?
  • too many "where is my order" emails and calls?
  • soooo... many... returns...

Why keep watch for the brutal parts of Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020?

It's simple! You'll have 12 months to fix it before next year. If you discover that moving the pile of orders from your online store to your back office ERP or accounting package like NetSuite, SAP, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics or QuickBooks is painful, take note. When order volumes from your eCommerce store get over 200 orders in a single month, the amount of manual data entry skyrockets. Making sure you can reconcile each and every order to your ERP is stressful and needs to be accurate. Human intervention in this process, even the exporting and importing of spreadsheets, can cause errors. Pay attention to the issues that make you grab a tissue.

Save Time and Money For Black Friday 2021

Let's sit down next month and see what processes can be improved. There are loads of thought leaders who have worked on eCommerce webstore logistics and can provide a quick consultation.

Automation tools like the eBridge integration platform connects systems together so data flows freely between. This eliminates manual data entry for:

  • orders from your webstore or marketplace (like Amazon or Shopify) to your ERP
  • shipping info from your ERP to your webstore
  • inventory adjustments from your ERP to your webstore
  • customer create from your webstore to your ERP
  • product data and pricing from your ERP to your webstore
  • and even EDI document requirements like 850s, 810s and 856s for retail trading partners and between hubs like CommerceHub 
Visit our blueprint builder to see what pre-built connections we have that can help. 

Shipping can be time-consuming and expensive. Pros like ShipStation are here to change that. See how much time and money ShipStation can save your business. New sliding ROI calculator for ShipStation is out today. See how much time and money you can save with help from the shipping experts. 

Best of luck this week! We're here anytime you are ready to discuss how you can smooth out operations in time for next Black Friday Cyber Monday. 

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