Shopify and Sage 100 ERP Integration and Sync Makes Life Easier For Busy Online Retailers

Shopify and Sage 100 ERP Integration and Sync Makes Life Easier For Busy Online Retailers

Thursday, November 15, 2018Lauren Macdonald Busy online retailers are choosing to integrate their Shopify stores with their Sage 100 back-office ERP to make life easier.

Shopify and Sage 100 ERP integration:

When you choose eBridge, you’re choosing a reliable middleware that sits in between your Shopify and Sage 100 ERP systems. Once set up, your business will seamlessly transfer data, bi-directionally, when a new order comes in.

As orders come in through your Shopify store, they’re populated in your Sage 100 ERP, and your inventory levels are adjusted accordingly. Shipping and tracking information, customer data, product data, and more, can also be integrated between the two systems to eliminate the need for manual data entry and increase the efficiency of your order fulfillment process.

ASP is one example of a retailer that asked eBridge to help them integrate Shopify with their Sage 100 ERP. Specifically, they wanted to automate order data, customer records, and product data between the two systems.
The finance team at ASP was also keen to ensure that the integration solution they selected would continue to function as promised when their company did their routine upgrade of Sage 100 every other year. For ASP, eBridge was able to check all the boxes. Even better was the fact that a quick onboarding processes enabled ASP to be live on eBridge’s integration platform in less than 3 weeks.
ASP Shopify and Sage 100 ERP integration

How your business will benefit with eBridge integration, that same way ASP did:
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Avoid costly errors as a result of re-keying data
  • Reduce deployment time using turnkey integration solutions
  • Upgrade your Sage 100 ERP or Shopify eCommerce store with ease
  • Add connections (EDI, Online Marketplaces like Amazon, CRMs, Shipping Software, etc.) anytime, anywhere.
  • Free up time and resources to focus on your business.

We make integrating Shopify and Sage easy

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