Shopify wants you to build something great and go direct to consumer

Shopify wants you to build something great and go direct to consumer

Friday, May 1, 2020Lindsay Hampson

Shopify wants you to build something great and go direct to consumer

If you’re in retail, you have a store. Years ago people would assume you have a physical location. Nowadays eCommerce equals “having a store.” It’s the default. And, with COVID-19, “innovative change is happening sooner,” says Tobi of Shopify on a Coffee + Commerce live stream with Gary Vee. eCommerce will be a lions share of retail. Entrepreneurs, founders and even big business need to go direct to consumer, or they risk going away.

“Believe in and make a good product.” Gary Vee’s main point to the live audience. The long tail is long. This means the world is ready for interesting, niche products. Coconuts. T-shirts. Furniture. Selling something special that you discovered or would make with grandparents.

Shopify wants you to build things

About 5% of all employees in Canada have filed for EI as a result of waves of COVID-19 shutdowns. Over 26 Million applied in the United States. With many people off, if there was ever a time for an entrepreneurial pursuit, it might be now. Many are testing the waters with their own business. People are throwing together furniture stores and t-shirt businesses left, right and center. Restaurants are selling their goods online. Local shops are moving to curb-side, but using Shopify’s platform as the bones of their business. Spot a trend and let it propel your business.

While big businesses might be struggling, smaller 10 people ‘shops’ can start. It’s a force for changing the world.

3 cool things Shopify is doing right now

1. Supporting local businesses to jump online

When social distancing, it’s impossible to open physical doors on a non-essential business. That’s why Shopify opened up their 90 day trial so people can put their products online. Jump on the platform, throw a few product photos up, add in pricing and details, and open up your store to your customers for shipping or curb-side. Voila. Build your business here

2. Providing financial support so entrepreneurs can lean in

Tobi made a prediction several years back. He said that the future is people working at companies of just SMB employees. In this vein, he is putting his money where his mouth is. Meet Shopify Captial, now avail in multiple countries  

3. Browsing online is more and more like being in a physical store

And finally, they are skyrocketing the in-person experience with tangible Augmented Reality (AR) options.
Make the experience unique, and build that link with the people who buy your products.  

Direct to consumer pivot: It’s now folks

Heinz, the ketchup guys, went for decades without going direct to consumer. But then, in 7 days during a world pandemic, they went online. eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Shopify Plus, to name 2, are for the entrepreneur, but also for the entrepreneurial professional woking at a SMB or even at a large enterprise. Large enterprises need to turn fast to this smart D2C model. Some wait and employ large businesses to help. Most will turn to cheaper SaaS models.

Every business is a digital business

Data needs to be central and connected. As mentioned, in retail, your store is not brick and mortar anymore. Have a nicely dressed mannequin in your brick-and-mortar? The consumer doesn't care during social distancing. The meat and bones of your business should be your great products, their descriptions, some good reviews and up to date inventory. Where your customer wishes to buy from you can be fluid. Adaptable businesses are thriving.

Thanks for reading. I want to leave you with this: due to COVID-19, innovative change is happening sooner. There are many founders out there that have built profitable businesses with great revenue using Shopify. Spend some time this weekend if you have recently found yourself unemployed. Lots of hope and opportunity out there!

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