Meet EVA - Epicor Virtual Assistant AI

Meet EVA - Epicor Virtual Assistant AI

Wednesday, May 15, 2019Eric Zegarski

Who (or what) is EVA? – Epicor Virtual Assistant

AI or artificial intelligence is starting to make an impact beyond just simple everyday tools like Google Assistant or Siri. In April 2019, Epicor announced the arrival of EVA – Epicor Virtual Agent. EVA is Epicor’s AI platform that is designed to help users work smarter and accelerate operations across the entire business. EVA is built using AI services from Microsoft Azure, the same platform eBridge is hosted on.
EVA’s Features
Within its set parameters, Epicor’s AI platform can recommend, predict, and adjust items in the ERP. EVA itself appears on-screen as a virtual assistant and can be accessed by either text or voice. It’s powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), thus the AI can access relevant information faster from voice commands and deliver targeted information.

Beyond its voice command features, EVA takes full advantage of its AI capabilities. The Epicor AI can proactively deliver alerts and take actions based off a combination of events, market statistics, and historical data. EVA is designed to be an extension of your workforce by improving accuracy, recognizing problems, and it can even automatically adjust production or distribution levels to meet customer demand. Epicor stated that having an intelligent agent will help companies become more agile and responsive to unexpected events. It is designed to naturally interact and enhance your Epicor ERP experience.

EVA's Industry Specific Benefits

EVA can detect anomalies early on in a production cycle that if left alone, could cause extensive downtime or poor product quality. This is done by pairing Epicor’s ERP with IoT (Internet of Things) sensors along the production line. Epicor’s AI can send instant notifications to the production manager and even suggestions for preventive maintenance.
Sales and marketing can have instant access to data via voice commands through EVA’s conversational user interface. Therefore, they can create quotes over a phone chat without having to meet with the customer or use a physical keyboard at their workstation.
EVA gives salespeople the ability to recommend new products either via an up-sell or a cross-sell during the sales process. Based on what the individual is buying, Epicor’s AI can access past data to see what complimentary goods are popular, or additional add on features.
Automotive Aftermarket
Epicor’s EVA AI can evaluate a massive dataset of vehicle registrations and parts failures. Therefore, in the early stages of a recall, it can trigger a message to parts distributors that an immediate increase on demand for these parts is looming.

Get The Power of Microsoft Azure for Your Enterprise

Just like Epicor’s EVA, our iPaaS (integration platform as a service) solution is hosted on Microsoft Azure. This means world class security, and almost 99.9% uptime. Plus Azure is virtually limitless when it comes to scalability. This ensures your eCommerce, ERP, and EDI integration is ready to support your growing business.

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