Top 5 Industries Seeking ERP Integration

Top 5 Industries Seeking ERP Integration

Tuesday, May 30, 2017Lindsay Hampson Brands that sell more than 200 gloves, shoes, necklaces, seeds, or fidget spinners every month are the most likely to prioritize a project that links together their disparate business systems.

Why?  ERP to eCommerce integration saves brands time doing manual sales order data entry, of course.  (Order data entry is just as horrible as it sounds)

Sound like you or your client?  
  • Several online shops.  
  • Goods on online marketplaces.  
  • Plus, a back-office accounting application or ERP.  
  • AND NONE of these important things speak to each other.  
We are a curious bunch over at eBridge.  
Several staff wondered what the top 5 most common industries were that reached out to us asking for our expertise with an eCommerce to ERP integration.  eBridge has already connected with over 1,600 brands, entrepreneurs and merchants about their integration headaches – just this year alone.  
And so we made this!  
What are the top 5 industries seeking ERP integration infographic.  
If you haven't read it yet, why not take a minute to now?     

Brands need their business systems to pass information bi-directionally, to and from important data fields.

Data like: 
  • How much an order costs
  • The customer’s email address and ship to address
  • The exact size and colour of the order  

Without integration, this info comes into a brand’s online store, and hits a wall.  It takes a human to handle the order info, fulfill it, and get it into the accounting or ERP application.  Oh, and someone else needs to ship it and send the tracking number to the customers.  

Don’t get me started on returns.

That’s why eCommerce to ERP integration is vital to high volume, high demand industries like Sporting Goods, Supplements, Apparel, Jewelry and Toys.  

A few cheers for integration:
  • To eliminate re-keying data from an online customer order to their ERP
  • To eliminate the wait time on a tracking # hitting their customers’ inbox
  • To eliminate errors
  • To eliminate the need to hire a full-time team between systems

The cheers are plenty.  It’s high time for ERP integration if you’re in the business of selling jewelry, supplements, apparel, toys and seeds.  

Necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches, and earrings are some of the most purchased items on eCommerce stores and marketplaces today.  Not only are women purchasing these online, but more and more, males are purchasing jewelry for their loved ones, or themselves too.  And with popularity, comes volume.

Wellness is popular.  Apps like Instagram and Snapchat make it easy for celebrities to promote nutrition brands and drive demand up.  Sugar bear vitamins, forever!

For many reasons sporting goods and apparel are big.  Maybe its because new ideas, and people want it now.  
For kids and for adults, the sale of toys and games online have already been high.  Take the new fidget spinner.  Fidget spinners are everywhere – even at the top of Amazon’s most popular items.  

And finally… Maybe it’s just the time of year but we have several clients selling seeds, seedlings, and small plants.  

Other interesting eCommerce, ERP and EDI integration stats

In Canada, an article in The Globe and Mail states that E-commerce, pot are new drivers for top Canadian industrial REIT.  

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