Choosing The Right Business Systems For Your B2B Business

Choosing The Right Business Systems For Your B2B Business

Wednesday, May 17, 2017Lauren Macdonald Are you a brand new business? Or a tried and true business? Regardless of the stage you’re in, using the right tools can make (or break) your business.

Spend 15 minutes reading up on tools and trends in business-to-business platform selection. 

Initial Considerations

The secret to deciding which applications your business should use is to determine what it is your business is aiming to accomplish and then pick the business platforms and tools that will best assist you in doing so.
Here’s some initial questions to consider:
  • Are you selling a product or a service?
  • Where are your potential business buyers looking for your product or service? (I.e. in-store, on search engines like Google, on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, on social media, etc.)
  • Do you need a business system in place to manage and report on your finances?
  • Are you already running business systems that you feel you’re outgrowing or are in need of upgrades?
  • What business systems would best help your business succeed? (I.e. eCommerce platforms, online marketplaces, CRM applications, accounting/ERP systems, marketing automation programs, shipping/fulfilment software, etc.)

Narrowing in on the right system(s) for your business

With thousands of eCommerce platforms, online marketplaces, CRMs, accounting/ERPs, and other business tools to choose from, deciding which one(s) to pick for your business can feel like an overwhelming task.

As a head start, here’s a list of the business systems we most commonly come across that are being used by other B2B businesses:
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