The Advancement of ERP: What to Expect From ERP Systems in the Near Future

The Advancement of ERP: What to Expect From ERP Systems in the Near Future

Wednesday, May 25, 2016Lauren Macdonald

New Features Coming to Your ERP

Previously, we shared our thoughts on what you should consider before implementing an ERP system, but today we thought we would point out some trends you should watch out for in the near future as ERP systems continue to develop and advance.

More user-friendly ERP Systems

Businesses that have yet to make the switch to a user-friendly ERP system will be under acute pressure to do so in the near future. The generation about to enter the workforce are accustomed to easy-to-use, simple and intuitive programs and software and asking them to understand and work on primitive and old-fashioned ERP systems is just not going to fly!

Watch for a trend in ERP systems that are extremely user-friendly with clear and concise dashboards. Easy implementation will also be imperative moving forward as people want systems that can be set up with as little hassle as possible.

All about mobility

Mobile ERP will be everywhere very soon. Being able to run your ERP system through an app on your smart device will allow users the capability of accessing their ERP data wherever, whenever. Another benefit of mobile ERP systems is the availability of Near Field Communications (NFC) which allows two devices in close proximity to communicate with one another effortlessly. This will make for quicker data transfer capabilities.

Wearable technology is also a trend to watch for in the coming years with more and more ERP systems being made available on smart watches and other wearable devices.

Cloud-based ERP Systems

Cloud computing is expanding rapidly and pretty soon we can expect to see all ERP systems moving to the cloud (as several have already done). Having a private cloud that seamlessly links you to your ERP data will be the next wave of evolution for traditional ERP vendors. A major advantage to cloud-based ERP systems is the availability of frequent automatic updates from vendors, eliminating the need for manual upgrades that are often overlooked and missed.

Deeper ERP Analytics

Analytics available in your ERP solution are going to become much deeper in the next few years with the ability to track a wider range of metrics and explore data on a whole new level. Not only will this include a businesses’ own corporate data, but it will also include industry data, supplier data, and other data from sources outside your own business. This will allow for analysis and comparisons of commercially available data that will help your business to grow and succeed.

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