BigCommerce Updates: Walmart Marketplace, Facebook Integration & More

BigCommerce Updates: Walmart Marketplace, Facebook Integration & More

Tuesday, March 2, 2021Eric Zegarski

BigCommerce Doubling Down on Marketplace Integration With Walmart Partnership and So Much More

2020 was a big year for the Austin, Texas based eCommerce platform BigCommerce. As a company, they grew by going public, adding new functionalities to their platform, and saw thousands of new merchants choose BigCommerce as their eCommerce solution.  

In 2021, BigCommerce is already going big. Let’s take a look at some newly announced features and integrations that will allow their merchants to go big in 2021. 

Improved Payment Error Messages at Checkout 

BigCommerce developed this update in direct response to merchant feedback, specifically on the BigCommerce Ideas site. Their merchants have frequently requested updated error messages at checkout and told BigCommerce that their previous messaging was often too ambiguous, and could provide a confusing experience to shoppers. 

By providing more information to the shopper about why their payment failed and what they can do about it, this increases the probability of them being able to remedy the issue so they can complete checkout. This leads to fewer customer support contacts from shoppers trying to figure out what went wrong, and fewer abandoned carts that could occur when the customer just gives up. 

Unified Facebook Integration 

BigCommerce has released a new unified Facebook integration, which allows merchants to be guided through a single onboarding flow for all Facebook channels (Facebook and Instagram Ads, Shops, and checkout capabilities). Merchants will also get access to added built-in security features. 

Open Beta Available: Google BigQuery  

Available to Pro and Enterprise stores, BigCommerce has built a native integration into Google’s BigQuery data warehouse. This integration will allow merchants to design and run custom store data reports and integrate with external data tools and services. 

BigCommerce Wants You to Succeed with Your Omnichannel  

“COVID-19 has forced everyone to operate at a much higher level of digital maturity,” said Sharon Gee Head of Omnichannel Partnerships at BigCommerce. “To succeed today, retailers need to put a stake in the ground and define a unified channel strategy from a digital and physical perspective.” 

Customers expect seamless omnichannel shopping experiences. So, today, retailers find themselves adapting to new consumer needs and behaviors and recalibrating their understanding of their target consumer. BigCommerce has The Four Pillar Approach to Omnichannel Commerce guide.

The four pillars of a successful omnichannel strategy include:
  • Sales channels
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Operations
  • Fulfillment

All these functions need to work together seamlessly to provide the best possible omnichannel customer experience. 

Making it Easier to Grow with Walmart Marketplace  

BigCommerce is expanding their partnership with Walmart. BigCommerce wants you to be able to sell everywhere your customers are. As a result, they announced a new native integration with Walmart Marketplace. BigCommerce merchants will now be able to directly connect their Walmart Marketplace account with their BigCommerce store.  

Start selling on quickly. Merchants that apply for access to Walmart Marketplace through BigCommerce will benefit from an expedited application review process, enabling them to become an approved Walmart seller more quickly than applying on their own. 

Manage Walmart orders from your BigCommerce control panel. BigCommerce automatically keeps products synced with, making it easy to track products, orders, inventory and fulfillment from one central location. 

Choose your own tech stack. Merchants connecting into Walmart Marketplace through BigCommerce will also gain access to a curated network of complementary partners – including CedCommerce, Codisto Channel Cloud, Feedonomics, SureDone, Zentail, Tinuiti, Teikametrics and Deliverr – to support their listing, order and inventory management, advertising and fulfillment needs.  

Sell with confidence. Walmart maintains a highly curated community of respected sellers dedicated to offering top-quality products and customer service. Combined with BigCommerce’s highly-performant platform, merchants can feel confident knowing their shoppers are having a positive online buying experience. 

As Your BigCommerce Operations Grow, eBridge is Here to Keep You Connected  

Our iPaaS, (integration Platform as a Service) has pre-build connectors for BigCommerce, leading ERP solutions, marketplaces, and 100s of retail EDI trading partners. eBridge Connections makes it easy to integrate your commerce network no matter how robust it is. With integration, you’ll be able to have automatic, near real-time data flow between your commerce systems. Our iPaaS is hosted on Microsoft Azure, therefore you can trust our platform to be online during your busy season.  

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s how we’ve been able to help BigCommerce merchants like you with integration:  

Andy was glad to learn that eBridge had experience integrating BigCommerce stores for tons of other companies, like Nalpak. Using their pre-built connectors for Sage 100 and BigCommerce, eBridge’s team of implementation experts were able to configure an integration solution that would flow Nalpak’s important business data exactly the way they needed. Read more about Nalpack's BigCommerce and Sage 100 integration powered by eBridge.  

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