Medical, sanitation, paper supplies and technology have taken an important role in our world

Medical, sanitation, paper supplies and technology have taken an important role in our world

Thursday, March 26, 2020Lindsay Hampson

Hand sanitizer, masks, BBQ sauce, laptops and more

This post is not about eBridge Connections. It is about the merchants and suppliers - many who are our customers - who move vital medical supplies, food, paper, and technology through online or in-store methods to communities in need. They are experiencing an influx of orders right now. While so many businesses are closing down, these businesses have the opposite problem: keeping up with demand. Masks. Hand sanitizer. Even BBQ sauce. They worry about getting their customers what they need. They are working through the day and night to manufacture and pick, pack and ship these items out to the right people, as fast as possible.

Medical supplies are more vital than ever, but supply is low

In the medical supply industry, masks, hand sanitizer, surgical tape, and ventilators are extremely important right now. eBridge has several customers in this field specifically. Companies are shifting what they are manufacturing in order to provide help and relief.

Some interesting articles on the web that focus on supply, agility and collaboration:
We’re so proud that our eBridge Cloud integration platform is taking at least one worry off of our customers' plates right now. Keeping up with orders and manual data entry is a nightmare during peak seasons.

One of our eBridge employees recently checked in with a customer that sells medical supplies. This was their response:

“We are in health care, so beyond capacity so glad this is one piece I’m not having to worry about.”

Happy to be of some assistance during this time.

Food and grocery are key during COVID-19 progression

Dry goods like sauces and packaged foods are in demand as many around the world are inside or social distancing. This means they are not going to grocery stores as much. They are storing dried and canned goods. They are making do.

Several of our customers are giving away free product to those in need. Another who sells BBQ sauce mentioned that their sales are triple the usual volume this week. And finally, another customer who sells baked good is also ramping up supply to help meet consumer demand. These unexpected spikes in quantities cause strain on any business. Small businesses find it tough to keep up.

The surge in paper products came unexpectedly

While the up tick in paper products like toilet paper and paper towel came at a surprise to suppliers and brands in this space, the demand and surge is real. Large companies are fighting to keep stock at the local store. Suppliers are working with local retailers to ward off hoarders. Stores are opening early for the elderly. Some are giving paper products out at the entrance of the store, one per customer. The same trends and 'rules' are emerging online as well. Suppliers are adjusting, fast. Automation, communication and system integration is key. 

Getting technology hardware to those who need it

Millions of children are out of school right now. Millions of employees that normally work in an office have moved to working from home. Our employees here at eBridge for example are now equipped to work from home. In some cases we've ordered mouses, webcams and laptops from online ecommerce stores to be delivered to their homes. These pieces of hardware are vital so we can keep functioning.  

Amazon has seen an up tick in technology orders like laptops, webcams, tablets and monitors. Sellers are beginning to limit only one per customer on tablets, to help even out distribution. Their goal is to enable their sellers to stay afloat while adhering to Amazon's policy of delivery times.

We’re grateful for merchants and suppliers getting vital products to those who need them

Over the last few weeks, there have been some brilliant moments:
  • We’re seeing our customers step up to meet the challenge of high order volumes.
  • We’re seeing historically only brick and mortar businesses come online.
  • We’re seeing an up tick in people wishing to sell in retailers still open, or on their online website via drop-ship.
  • We’re seeing our partners provide free services and discounts.
  • We're seeing the best sides of people.
As we continue to work through these uncertain times, eBridge will continue to help its customers stock the shelves of local stores so your families can get the products they need, while also helping small businesses find new life online. If you are a merchant looking for help keeping up with order volume or looking to piece your systems together to move online, we're here to help.

Thank you,
Team eBridge

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