The Great Merchant Race: Recap

The Great Merchant Race: Recap

Tuesday, March 13, 2018Lauren Macdonald
The Back-Story:

Justin, Stacy, and Tim are three hard-working merchants that each sell shoes online for a living. They’ve
all been successful in creating great products, marketing them to their target audiences, and displaying
them with quality product photos on a well-designed and eye-catching eCommerce platform. As a
result, they’re seeing increasing success and are noticing a large influx of orders.

However, the methods that Justin, Stacy, and Tim use after their customers hit the ‘buy button’ in order
to process, ship, and report on their sales, happen to vary greatly. As a result, one of them is obtaining a
strong competitive advantage over the others in each of the following common eCommerce scenarios.
Read along to learn which merchant is winning The Great Merchant Race…


Read on to see how Justin, Stacy and Tim fare in some common eCommerce scenarios on their quest to win the Great Merchant Race:

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