Connect NetSuite to Your Magento store: Integrate orders, shipping, inventory, and more

Connect NetSuite to Your Magento store: Integrate orders, shipping, inventory, and more

Wednesday, March 1, 2017Lauren Macdonald

How to Integrate Magento With Your NetSuite ERP

As every online merchant knows, the key to a successful eCommerce business is efficiency.

Your customers shop online for the convenience of it. They want their orders to arrive quickly and accurately. And if you can’t keep up with their expectations, you’ll lose them to websites like Amazon that have a strong reputation for fast order processing and shipping.

The good news? It’s easier than you think to speed things up and process orders faster. All you need to do is connect your Magento store to your NetSuite ERP system. And thanks to eBridge Connections’ universal integrator, it’s never been simpler to connect NetSuite with Magento.

How our Universal Integration Works:

A universal connector sits in the middle of your two business systems and seamlessly transfers data, back and forth between the two.

As orders come in through your Magento store, they will be populated in your NetSuite accounting system, and your inventory levels will be adjusted accordingly. Shipping and tracking information can also be integrated between the two systems to eliminate the need for manual data entry and increase the efficiency of your order fulfillment process.

What you Get When You Choose eBridge:

  • A bi-directional, automated data integration between NetSuite and Magento
  • Pre-built connectors on a universal integration platform that can be “plugged in” to meet your unique business needs
  • A fully-managed solution with connectivity and data translation all handled in the cloud (no on-premise software required).
  • Shared business rules that replace the need for individual mapping, allowing you to upgrade your systems with ease.
  • Unlimited, 24/7 access to a North-American based support team

How Your Business Will Benefit:
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Avoid costly errors as a result of re-keying data
  • Reduce deployment time using turnkey integration solutions
  • Upgrade your NetSuite ERP or Magento eCommerce store with ease
  • Add connections (EDI, CRM, etc.) anytime, anywhere.
  • Free up time and resources to focus on your business.
What else can you connect with an integration solution between NetSuite and Magento?
Orders, inventory, and shipping information are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to everything you can connect between NetSuite and Magento. Here’s some of the common touch points to choose from in an integration solution for these two business systems:

Benefits of Integrating Magento and NetSuite ERP

A Magento Integration Success Story

Everlast's Director of eCommerce, Mike Ebert, knew the only way to “do online orders well” was to make sure that all sales flowed from their Magento eCommerce store over the web to their ERP. They needed technical expertise beyond what they had in-house. In the new world of online commerce, without fast orders, they would be left in the dust. eBridge was able to integrate their Magento site and ERP, enabling Everlast's data to automatically flow bi-directionally between their eCommerce and ERP. Read More

We make integrating your Magento site and Netsuite ERP easy. 

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