Perfect Your Shipping & Fulfillment Process Using These Resource

Perfect Your Shipping & Fulfillment Process Using These Resource

Wednesday, March 22, 2017Lauren Macdonald At this point, achieving 2-day shipping for your customers is a must. With all of the fulfillment and shipping options and tools available to merchants today, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be offering free, 2-day shipping, and if you’re not already doing so, you’re probably losing potential customers to other sellers who are.

To make it easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of some great resources you can use to improve your order fulfillment and shipping process.
ShippingEasy is an online shipping software that saves you money through discounted shipping rates and makes it easy to print labels, process orders, and automate tracking.

Here are three ways that ShippingEasy helps you save:
  • Flat Rate Green- a special rate that prices shipments based on your order’s dimensions rather than weight, which offers steep discounts for retailers shipping smaller, heavier packages. This rate is available exclusively on ShippingEasy.
  • Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP)- discounts offered on USPS shipping services like Priority Mail, Flat Rate, Regional Rate, Express Mail, and International Shipments.
  • Insurance Savings- deep discounts on shipping insurance that are a fraction of what you’re likely used to spending.
Another useful feature of ShippingEasy? It offers multi-channel integration so that you can sell on more channels, and keep track of all your orders, updates, and tracking numbers in one system.
ShipStation is another online shipping software solution that allows you to import your orders from just about any selling platform, create shipping labels, and ship your packages out in a flash. A great thing about ShipStation is that it allows you to automate everything the way you want, with plenty of customizations available to meet your business’ unique needs.

Using ShipStation empowers you to sell more and scale your business without needing to worry about handling larger order volumes. ShipStation gives you all of the tools and features you need to easily handle eCommerce order fulfillment and ship your orders fast.
Next on the list is ShipWorks. ShipWorks allows you to easily compare carriers and services to make sure you’re getting the lowest rates. They know that choosing the right carrier and service can be difficult, so to make life easier for you, ShipWorks will automatically choose the best carrier and service for every package you ship.

You can also use ShipWorks to easily automate most shipping tasks and put your shipping process on autopilot. This will help your business to eliminate errors and get orders out faster, analyze virtually any order-related criteria, and automatically apply carrier-specific service options.

ShipWorks also has CRM tools that allow you to automatically send fully branded email updates to specific customer lists, provide coupons and marketing messages, and customize invoices with personalized messaging and promotions.
Shipwire is a powerful fulfillment technology that connects supply to demand, globally. With a friendly, easy-to-use interface, the Shipwire platform includes tools for you to grow and manage your business.

Some of the features you’ll have access to with Shipwire include:
  • Dashboards- visualize transactions and access information quickly
  • Workflow- manage work orders and order flow among common ecommerce systems
  • Reports- automate reporting and data analysis
  • Account preferences- manage settings and preferences to define business rules and operations
  • User types- limit third party applications from accessing your account information with user controls.
Use Shipwire to meet almost any business requirement using their expansive data set, which includes elements like sales orders, delivery statuses, receivings, vendors, purchase orders, product data, returns, carriers, rate quotes, inventory, warehouses, work orders, and more.

World First
Another valuable resource to consider, is World First. This one is especially useful for merchants who sell their products internationally. World First is the world’s first international money transfer. If you’re selling overseas on eCommerce marketplaces you’ll need to find an effective way of converting your payments back into your own currency. You’ll also need to figure out how to pay your overseas suppliers in a currency that works for them.

World First can help you achieve all of this and more by making it easy to open receiving accounts around the world, and by offering great exchange rates and flexible accounts so you can convert your money back and forth as often as you need. Save money when converting your payments back into your own currency or when paying suppliers abroad.

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