Partner Profile: Codal

Partner Profile: Codal

Friday, March 10, 2017Lauren Macdonald Our channel partner family keeps on growing! Today, we welcome Codal to our channel partner program and by doing so, will offer our customers access to an established global consulting firm focused on business intelligence, design, development, and compliance testing. In return, we’ll provide Codal customers with integration solutions between their Shopify Plus eCommerce platforms and their accounting/ERP systems.
With more than 7 years of IT business expertise, the Codal team brings a wealth of knowledge to the table with their strong group of skilled and experienced business and technical experts. They deliver high-quality, cost-effective results to maximize their clients’ competitive advantage and productivity. We’re excited to welcome them aboard our partner family!
Let’s delve into a bit more detail about Codal:
1. What is your primary focus/specialty, and why? 

Codal is a UX design and development agency with a focus on blending an Agile process with the latest technologies. Based in the heart of Chicago, we have a knack for bringing out the best in every brand that we work with. With years of IT business expertise, Codal has a strong team of skilled and experienced business and technical experts.
2. How long have you been doing what you’re doing? 

Codal has been in operation for almost a decade.
3. What region(s) do you service? 

Since we are based in Chicago a lot of our clients in the midwestern area. However, we are open and have experience in working with projects across the nation, as well as globally.
4. Who are some of your notable clients?

Our clientele has ranged from small business to enterprise, but our philosophy has always remained the same: to empower brand visibility and deliver the most elegant web and mobile solutions possible. Our clients have a common awareness that they need a professional and accessible solution to maximize their business goals, revenue streams, establish communication channels or streamline business operations. Here is a link to some of our work we have done. Some of our largest clients include Pepsi, eTrade and Charles Schwab. On the other hand, some of the smaller, startup companies we work with are Tripstir, Spendwitty, and IndiCard.
5. Tell us something interesting about your company that makes you different?
Codal is a robust development option for those who are in need of experience, unmatched delivery, and result-driven goals. We cover the full gamut of development with our innovative products and services. Our global team employs a ‘follow the sun’ method to manage an agile process. Having a diverse history of clients across a rich field of industries enables our team to bring solutions from a full circle vantage point. We actively participate and build for healthcare, eCommerce, administrative enterprise, nonprofits, and wholesaling to name a few. Working with many different industries allows our team to expand their knowledge and apply it to any project, in any industry.
6. Why did you choose to work with eBridge Connections?

Being a Shopify Plus Partner, we think it is a mutually beneficial opportunity to partner with eBridge in order to refer our clients to them for integration, and offer comarketing initiatives with one another to share our expert content and insights with each others' audiences. 
7. Provide a favourite quote on eCommerce, digital marketing, or just what you do overall.
“In this day in age, people are spoiled with beautiful interfaces, easy-to-navigate mobile sites, and intuitive mobile applications. This means that if you’re lacking in any of these areas, your user is going to bounce, and visit the website of one of your closest competitors.” -Keval Baxi, CEO of Codal

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