How Shopify Makes B2B eCommerce Easy

How Shopify Makes B2B eCommerce Easy

Wednesday, June 5, 2019Eric Zegarski

This is How Shopify Plus Makes B2B eCommerce Easy

The world of B2B commerce is changing. Instead of flipping through dozens of catalogues that are almost as thick as a phonebook (remember those) buyers do their research online. This means your website and product listings must be tailored to the browsing and buying habits of today's modern shopper. According to Shopify, B2B buyers reach out for more information when they are 57% of the way through evaluating a new purchase. This means they have already doing their due-diligence before reaching out. In addition, 93% of buyers prefer to shop online vs other purchasing methods.

Due to these changing B2B buying patterns, Shopify has made it their mission to redefine B2B commerce. Their Plus solution, which is geared at high volume merchants is designed to help you elevate your B2B commerce strategy. Here’s how Shopify is making B2B commerce easy.

Leveraging the Power of the Shopify Ecosystem

Since the B2B buying process has changed, a website’s eCommerce experience must evolve as well. Using Shopify for your B2B strategy allows you to utilize all the tools that make Shopify great. Take advantage of:

  • A unified browsing and shopping experiences regardless if the user is browsing on their mobile or desktop
  • Built in search capabilities to help users find what they are looking for fast
  • Leverage over 100 different payment gateways as well as draft orders in Shopify for invoicing capabilities
  • Allow anyone who has ever purchased anything from a Shopify powered shop to use Shopify pay and check out 40% faster.
  • Make the checkout process unique by offering promotions via Shopify Scripts
  • Easy connectivity to your ERP and CRM through integration


User Specific Account Management

With Shopify, you can protect your wholesale channels so only your trading partners can access them. Each trading partner can access the portal with a simple email and password login. This ensures that your store’s information can only be accessed by those who you should have access to it. In addition, this allows you to take advantage of the following:

  • Fixed price lists, percentages off or volume-based discounts
  • Create custom price catalogues for individual customers or groups of customers
  • Review invoicing and negotiated sales inside Shopify

Automate Your Order Management

Now that eCommerce is making commerce a 24/7 operation, your store needs to be able to convert during off peak business hours. Shopify allows you to automate certain processes so your B2B wholesale shop is always ready to sell. Shopify has features that allow you to:

  • Automate the customer onboarding experience with account signup controls
  • Use custom pages to share commonly ask information like FAQs and detailed product specifications
  • Allow customer to quickly reorder pas purchases without starting the sales cycle from the beginning


Integration Can Supercharge Your Shopify B2B Wholesale eCommerce

Integration essentially allows you to set it and forget it. Since eCommerce is now becoming a global 24/7, 365 hustle, automation allows you to eliminate headaches related to manual data entry. You’ll finally be able to go on that long-awaited weekend getaway to Las Vegas!

eBridge's integration platform is universal. This means it works with almost all EDI trading partners, ERPs, and eCommerce providers. It is also hosted on Microsoft Azure, therefore ensuring an almost 99.9% uptime and industry leading security. With an integration solution, you can ensure that your omni-channel commerce network has an automated inventory solution.

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