Sage Accounting Software Has Three Options for Growing Companies

Sage Accounting Software Has Three Options for Growing Companies

Monday, June 10, 2019Lindsay Hampson At Sage Summit Atlanta 2019, the message was growth (and this vibe was contagious through partners, customers and Sage employees). Sage has a clear focus in 2019 to strive for growth, to supply various hosting options for new and long-time customers (prem, hybrid and cloud), and to focus Sage’s products on servicing next-gen businesses; from start-ups to public companies.

The news is good for Sage customers. Sage will continue to invest in your accounting system of record today, and they will provide great options for you as your business expands and your hosting preferences changes (or even if they don’t).

Sage Offers 3 Interesting Accounting Software Options for Growing Companies:

Sage Accounting Software Option 1: Sage Intacct

Sage acquired Intacct in 2017 – we believe – for its terrific customer satisfaction and cloud-first technology. Sage Intacct is built by finance for finance and it trusted by an estimated 11,000 customers across the world.
Intacct will be one of Sage’s flagship cloud products going forward. It offers cloud-based accounting applications that enable businesses on payments, to manage and pay bills, and to facilitate payroll functions – all on the cloud.

In short, Sage Intacct is:
  • The only natively integrated CPQ ASC 606 compliance solution
  • Rated #1 in customer satisfaction
  • See how Weave grew 245% while increasing margin 66%
Sage Intacct in Real-Life: Dapple Case Study

Dapple is a growing brand of natural-based clothing products that serve families. Because of their “hyper-growth,” they needed an ERP that had great analytics capabilities, a tool they could merge with Excel data, and a system that could grow and customize as their requirements shifted. After revewing their options, Dapple moved from QuickBooks to Sage Intacct. This move saw a savings of 60+ hours/month of manual processes in less than 2 months.  Read the full story here.

Interested in seeing it live? Watch a short demo of Sage Intacct now.

Sage Accounting Software Option 2: Sage X3 / Sage Enterprise Management (EM)

Sage X3, currently referred to as Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management, is a robust tool that offers industry-ready features and functions out of the box. Thousands of companies use it today and it is marketed as a lower cost ERP that is fast, simple and flexible.
The main facets are:
  • Faster: speed up your business processes, from procurement to production, warehousing, sales and customer service
  • Simpler: Enable each person at your business to see exactly what they need to see. Plus, give them access to workflows and mobile access
  • Flexible: Configure Sage X3 to your liking. Don’t get stuck with a rigid ERP tha can’t grow with your changing needs and new tools – and give management headaches over to Sage in the cloud
Sage X3 in Real-Life: NcSTAR Case Study
NcSTAR Inc. sells hunting accessories and sporting gear and has been in business since 1997. The volume of data required to run the business surpassed what their current ERP could handle, so they looked for an alternative. Sage X3 (Sage Enterprise management) was picked for its scalability (remember – that volume of data), and for its ability to flex when the business grew or added and removed other tools. Their extra time is spent learning from customers and supplying what hunters need tomorrow, today. Read the full story here.

Sage Accounting Software Option 3: Tried and True Sage ERPs, now on the cloud

Finally, Sage is giving new legs (or really, adding an antenna) to their proven and well-used Sage 100, Sage 300, Sage 50 ERPs with the freedom and security of the cloud.
Dive into how each of Sage’s ERPs can offer you the managed services, and security your business needs. Sage is not looking at quick wins or short-term strides. They have been in the business for 35 years and have staying power. With this in mind, if customers are not ready for the cloud, will never forcing any customer up. Actually, the opposite is true. Sage plans to full-scale support their prem customers – just as they are today. If the need arises to connect prem to cloud, they also offer hybrid solutions.

Want to integrate your Sage ERP with your online store, a retail trading partner, or your CRM? Use our free planning tool to start mapping out time-saving workflows to automate such as sales orders from Shopify to Sage X3.

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