Microsoft Announces 350 Updates to Microsoft Dynamics & Power Platform

Microsoft Announces 350 Updates to Microsoft Dynamics & Power Platform

Monday, June 17, 2019Eric Zegarski

Updates Coming to Microsoft Dynamics ERP

In April, Microsoft announced updates for their Microsoft Dynamics ERP portfolio especially their Dynamics 365 solution. Between Dynamics and their Power Platform, 350 new capabilities will be rolled out in a 6-month window. These functionalities are tailored to address rapid changes happening in the technology and commerce sectors. These 350 updates Microsoft is rolling out are structured around 3 pillars:


Connecting Customer Experiences with AI (Artificial Intelligence)

These rounds of updates will focus on introducing AI-driven applications that produce deeper actionable customer insights in Microsoft Dynamics. These applications are focused on empowering sales and marketing teams. Therefore, allowing for those teams to personalize outreach and relationship management with clients based on their activity. In addition, Microsoft will be rolling out applications to aid with customer service. These applications will use AI to provide additional insights into critical performance metrics as well as emerging support questions.


Focusing on On-Site Field Training and Sales

Microsoft is going all-in when it comes to unleashing the full power of Dynamics 365 on mobile. A portion of these new applications will utilize mixed reality technology. This will enable the use of step by step guides for technicians in the field. In addition, the Dynamics 365 Product Visualize will enable a prospective customer to see a products true potential in their environment it would be used in via mixed reality technology.


Power Platform Enhancement

In a nutshell, the Power Platform enables users to analyze, act, and automate in ways that make a big impact across the entire organization. Anyone in the organization, from the CEO to the warehouse manager can gain insights from data. Using the Power BI and PowerApps features, they can create custom business processes without needing to write any code. Microsoft’s update in April enhances app creating capabilities and the ability to leverage AI. New to the Power Platform, discover it for yourself here.


We're Microsoft Dynamics ERP Experts

If you're looking for more detailed information about the updates Microsoft is rolling out, check out the full release notes, including their keynote video here. We at eBridge take pride in ensuring that we are up to date will all updates Microsoft rolls out. The Microsoft Dynamics line of ERPs is the ERP of choice for a large portion of eBridge’s customers. We currently support the following Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions: 

We roll out updates on a regular basis to our cloud-based integration solution. In addition, we are also hosted on Microsoft Azure and as a result we can guarantee a 99.9% uptime and world class security. If you're new to cloud-based hosting, discover how a cloud-based solution can help you manage your business better here.

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