An Update on Our Sustainability Initiative & eiCloud Platform Usage Growth

An Update on Our Sustainability Initiative & eiCloud Platform Usage Growth

Wednesday, July 15, 2020Eric Zegarski

An Update on Our Sustainability Initiative

At the start of January, we announced our 2020 sustainability initiative. eBridge is committed to planting a tree for every workflow we sell in 2020. We decided to undertake this initiative after evaluating our performance during BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday) weekend 2019. It's the biggest shopping weekend of the year for retail and eCommerce businesses. We processed over 5 million transactions for our customers. Without an integration solution from eBridge, those transactions would’ve been processed manually and required the use of paper. According to ConservaTree, 1 tree equals 8,333 sheets of paper. With some simple division, we can estimate that approximately 600 trees would’ve been consumed.   

Last quarter eBridge was able to donate 317 trees. eBridge is proud to announce that this quarter we sold 608 different workflows. Therefore, we’ll be able to plant 608 trees through #TeamTrees. If we all undertake a small sustainability initiative, then together we can make our planet a bit greener for everyone. 

#TeamTrees Sustainability Initative

eCommerce Usage is Growing and We're Here to Help Merchants Succeed 

Since the global pandemic, we have seen a spike in eCommerce sales and transactions. From the initiation of the lockdown, up until the end of June, we processed 14 380 000 documents for our customers. If these documents were printed on paper and stacked on top of each other, the stack would be almost 3x the height of the CN tower and almost 2x the height of the world tallest structure the Burj Khalifa. With many businesses having to close their physical locations, the decrease in retail EDI documents was made up by exponential growth in eCommerce transactions.  

Tobias Lutke, the CEO of Shopify was quoted the following about future of consumer spending habits, “This change is likely here to stay – even after the lockdowns are lifted, many shoppers will continue shopping online from the safety and comfort of their homes.”  Read more about Shopify's view of the commerce landscape to come here

As online sales grew for our customers, we were there to support their businesses. With integration they were able to focus on adapting their businesses to best serve their customers. They weren’t bogged down by manual data entry or exposed to potential human error. Leveraging Microsoft’s Azure Cloud and their 99.97 percent uptime guarantee, our platform experienced zero outages due to the increased number of documents processed. Learn more about the benefits of integration here.  

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