Spend Amazon Prime Day Buying These Hilarious Products (And Some Throwbacks)

Spend Amazon Prime Day Buying These Hilarious Products (And Some Throwbacks)

Tuesday, July 17, 2018Lindsay Hampson While I hear many, many people searching out Nintendo Switch deals, and mocking the Prime website for its use of 404 Puppies, I’ve decided to spend my Prime Day-and-a-half revisiting some hilarious products that are still on the market after all of these years.  Many available well before customer ratings existed (and perhaps this is what let them live for a while longer).  

Take a silly Amazon-themed walk with me down ridiculous products lane:
The Rain Bonnet
Not since my lovely grandmother sped from the passenger car seat to the front doors of Sears where she worked in retail for 80 years, had I seen the rain bonnet in the flesh.  But alas, it is very much alive and well.  And even rated, and available on Prime!

We’re going to a good friends outdoor wedding this weekend. 

I’m getting it in 2 days. 

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The Daddle
Ever horsing around with your brother's kids on the weekends when they ask, “Aunt Sue, can you be my horsey!?” Say hello to fun with the nieces, and say goodbye to back pain!

You better believe it – the child saddle (aka 'Daddle') is still ready for you in the back aisles of some warehouse, somewhere.  And if you want it, just click the button.  

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Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats
I’m sure you don’t need me to go into details here.  Got A LOT of time?  Got a cat?  Get this.
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The Movie Harry and the Henderson’s
“A chance car accident introduces the Hendersons to the real-life Bigfoot.”  It could happen people!  To be fair, this movie is actually pretty awesome.  And with Amazon prime, it can be in your hands in 2 days

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Bacon Dental Floss
Worried about your teeth but also infatuated with the meat of pigs?  I can only think of one stellar product for you: bacon dental floss. The sheer logistics behind this boggle the mind.  Enjoy today with your favorite beer toothpaste. 

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Anyways, whatever you bought or plan to buy on Prime Day - enjoy it. We won't judge. :)

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Happy shopping!
~Team eBridge

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