How to integrate Salesforce with Sage X3

How to integrate Salesforce with Sage X3

Friday, July 21, 2017Lindsay Hampson
A prebuilt Salesforce CRM connector that integrates data to and from Sage X3  
Data entry is a killer to busy businesses.  You work hard to acquire new customers and a steady flow of new orders.  But order volume ends up meaning that someone (or some team) must spend their time entering in customer information line by line from the accounting application to the CRM, and back.  
And so, many people – like you – decide to look for a hybrid application integration.  Some call it integration Platforms as a Service (iPaaS) vendor.  
Here is your solution

A Sage X3 to Salesforce CRM connector.  Save development time (don’t create an integration by hand).  Sync important business data to speed up customer transactions.  
eBridge Connections' Salesforce Sage X3 integration solution is built for enterprises.  Synchronize the data from one system to another, quickly and automatically.  Why?  An integration between hybrid systems makes processes simpler, reduces the manual data entry work required, and can even speed up the flow of new customer acquisition.  
Without any effort, you can see the latest order a given customer has made, and quickly share info across the organization.  Everyone at your business is on the same page.  
Our Salesforce to Sage X3 connector is prebuilt and ready to assist your business  

Need to make a few unique configurations beyond what comes out-of-the-box?  No sweat.  We have a smart team ready to help. 
  • eBridge Connections' universal integration platform (tried and true)
  • Automated workflows for common data in hybrid systems
  • Orders, quotes, etc
  • Audit trail
  • Upgrade path
  • 24/7 support response
  • Access to common and time-saving business rules
  • Unlimited action volume 
  • Data syncs between systems, fast
  • Customer info is always right, across hybrid applications
  • Update account or customer between Salesforce and Sage X3, bi-directionally
  • Want to upgrade ERPs?  No problem
  • Want to add another hybrid application to the integration?  eBridge supports over 600 ERPs, ecommerce platforms, CRMs, retail trading partners and shipping applications

We make integrating your Salesforce and Sage systems easy. 

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