How to Integrate Salesforce and Your ERP
Infographic: Integrate Salesforce to your ERP system

Infographic: Integrate Salesforce to your ERP system

Monday, July 25, 2016Lindsay Hampson

Remember your very first online order? 

You spotted it in your store’s inbox.  You joyfully shipped and invoiced it.  And, with a big smile on your face, you entered it into Salesforce.  A win!  Then, another one and another one.  Cha-ching!  Click.  Type.  Enter.  Click.  Type.  Enter. 

And, so began a “good problem to have.”  Lots of orders.  Lots of work on your end.  No connection between your online store and your CRM.   

Sound like you?  Check out the infographic below to see how our iPaaS can help you. 

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