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How Video Marketing Can Grow Your eCommerce Sales

Everyone loves a good Youtube video. We see video everywhere. They’re stimulating, entertaining and can be educational on a number of levels. As an eCommerce professional, have you considered what it can do for you and your business?

With an increase in overall competition, video can give you that edge you crave to reach your audience. Video in general is investment of your time and money, but the payout is tremendously rewarding. Here’s why your eCommerce store needs video marketing!

Builds Trust:

With competitors being a click away, it’s crucial to know and define your niche as an ecommerce retailer. Consumers like to see people really using your product. This builds credibility and the consumer can start to trust you and your brand. Retailers need to stop saying why they’re awesome and begin showing it!

Entertainment Value:

Like we said before, everyone loves a good video! Think about some of the big viral video campaigns that have skyrocketed brands into marketing success. There’s a lot to be said about the correlation between entertainment value and sales. People like to relate with a brand and create a connection with them. Give them a video/ad that they enjoy and you may be positively surprised by the reaction you get.

Customer Advocacy:

You can give your customers all the written testimonials and pictures you want, but a video testimonial would triple the impact. Keep in mind that real customers, telling their actual stories can build confidence in your brand and create a positive experience. Text can only go so far because there is no guarantee that it’s coming from the actual customer.  In a strange way, you’re getting your customers to work for you!

Curiosity Builds Hype:

Build hype by adding some mystery to your brand. Create video content that leaves your customers wanting more so they convert. Give them a taste of it without giving up too much. You need to give them a reason to come back! Also, instructional videos give your customers a nice taste of how to use your product and how it can help them; they become curious about using it.

SEO Value:

Search engines are placing more and more focus on video content. It’s sharable, entertaining and mobile friendly.  Having a video and copy revolving around the same keywords on your blog could provide you a huge boost in search rankings.

As mentioned above, a video marketing campaign can be pricey and quite a big time investment. Before you jump into it and start filming, take some time to really plan it out and be strategic.

A picture says 1000 words; imagine what a video can do!

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