In the integration weeds: Shipping 2 for the price of 1 orders from Shopify

In the integration weeds: Shipping 2 for the price of 1 orders from Shopify

Friday, January 18, 2019Lindsay Hampson Just out today! 

New functionality for our Shopify connector. We now support buy 1 get 1 free situations and line breakdown for inbound shipments.
The eBridge Shopify connector, with the eBridge integration platform, is being used daily by hundreds of brands and merchants across the world. Our eBridge Connections Development Team is constantly improving our Shopify connector.  They spend their time adding functionality and tweaking code to be more efficient.
New from eBridge Shopify development today

For our customers using Shopify to run promotional “2 for the price of 1” offers on their Shopify store, we are now better able to handle shipping these orders!
The problem

The reason for this new release is to overcome a real-life issue that our customers were facing.
When an online shopper bought a promotional offer related to "Buy 1 Get 2," the order would actually look only like 1 item was to be shipped. 

When it came time to ship, the order would error out.  Why? There were really 2 items that needed to make their way to the customer.
The solution

We now break up the 2 for 1 orders into 2 lines for inbound (to the ERP) Shopify shipments.
  • Customer Bob orders 2 backpacks for the price of one on your Shopify store
  • The order appears to have 2 lines of product (the free one, and the one that they pay for)
  • The order then flows to the Shopify owners’ accounting or ERP package with 2 items for shipment
  • The order is successfully posted into the back-office systems.
  • Customer gets order in time. 
  • Customer is happy.

We know Shopify

Having trouble shipping your promotional priced items? We know all too much about this. And, we have smart people that want to help.

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