Magento’s eCommerce Platform Evolves On

Magento’s eCommerce Platform Evolves On

Monday, January 7, 2019Lindsay Hampson
It’s been several months since Adobe acquired Magento, a titan contender in the eCommerce platform space. And guess what? They made it.

What’s new in Magento land lately

Magento seems to have navigated the waters of acquisition in good form, even announcing new technologies and partnerships over the last 6 months. While change is never easy, the company and its customers, partners and staff truly seem to be feeling strong, steady and more fired up than ever. 
A recent MTA article which interviewed Jess Walia Weimer, Head of Global Demand and Growth Marketing at Magento, shone a light on how Magento is moving upmarket to mid-market and enterprise.  Magento is planning for big things in 2019 – more specifically popular technical improvements, and predictable new customer hyper-growth.  
Magento 2.3 was released in December 2018. So what? If you care about speed, security compliance and some bonus innovations, then it was more than a drop in the hat. 
  • Quicker waiting periods
  • Faster communication between systems
  • Two factor auth
  • reCAPTCHA on the mobile app
Other goodies
  • Multi-source inventory
  • Page builder
Interested in the whole story on this new release? I found that this blog was the most comprehensive
2019 and Magento Partners
Magento is leaning on partners to be the “and” that provides a clear differentiator between their platform and ecosystem, and that of their competitors. 
On Tuesday, January 8th, Magento Solution and Technology Partners will make their way to Evolve: The 2019 Magento Partner Kickoff.  The 2-day conference in Los Angeles is for partners only, and will allow for open conversations, networking, learning, teaching, and planning. Plus, most partners don’t know the full scope of what Magento can really do now that they’ve been able to leverage Adobe’s smart suite of products around user experience, marketing automation, customer acquisition, etc. 
eBridge Connections, a Magento Silver Partner, is sending some people from their Marketing and Partnerships department. 
The goal: Talking about our Magento eBridge Connections ERP Integration solution (shameless plug), meeting new partners, reconnecting with old ones, learning how to help Magento sales reps and customers, and – truthfully – seeing the sunshine since it has left Toronto for the winter!
eBridge’s integration platform allows merchants using Magento to flow sales order data bi-directionally to other systems and applications without manually pushing data or using duct tape. Integration between Magento and systems like NetSuite, SAP Business One, Sage 100, Microsoft Dynamics GP and apps like ShipStation, ShipperHQ save time, eliminate errors, make processes automatic, and eliminate order delay or errors to increase customer satisfaction. Yep, it’s the stuff under the covers that is not super sexy but is super necessary. 
Attending Evolve: Magento partner Kickoff 2019 too? Let’s meet up! 

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