Shopping carts abandoned after Cyber Monday? Here's how to win those sales in December:

Shopping carts abandoned after Cyber Monday? Here's how to win those sales in December:

Thursday, December 1, 2016Lauren Macdonald No doubt you sold a ton of items this Cyber Monday. In fact, here at eBridge, we know our clients were selling items like rapid fire, seeing as we transferred over 450,000 order documents back and forth that day between eCommerce platforms and accounting packages.

But what about all the items that got left behind in abandoned shopping carts?

Joel Comm wrote an article this month that caught our eye, titled, “How to turn a Cyber Monday into a ‘Digital December’.” Rather than looking at abandoned Cyber Monday shopping carts as lost sales, the article describes how retailers should look at abandoned carts as an opportunity to chase down leads for future sales. With this way of thinking, the high volume of sales you experienced in November can carry on right through to a “Digital December” (we love that term, by the way).
Lessons learned on Cyber Monday
Most retailers look at Cyber Monday as a day to make a lot of money. But, it’s also a day to gain a lot of useful information about your buyer personas.

Look back through your Cyber Monday website analytics and make note of the following metrics:
  • What were the key demographics of people shopping on my website?
  • What products were people most interested in?
  • How long did they spend viewing my products?
  • What were the most popular search terms people looked for?
  • What items did I sell the most of and least of?
  • What items were mostly left behind in abandoned shopping carts?
Using what you learned to increase sales in December

Now that you have the information in front of you, you can use it to your advantage in December by creating targeted marketing campaigns that:

  • Reach the key demographics of those who frequent your website
  • Promote the products that people showed most interest in
  • Utilize the keywords that people were searching for most
  • Push some of the items that you had a more difficult time selling on Cyber Monday—a great sale price is a good place to start!
  • Send reminders to those who abandoned their shopping carts to finish the checkout process before the prices go up, or to notify them that the price of an item left in their cart just went on sale.
Boiled down, this blog is really about information. 
  1. You know what your potential clients want!  That is half the battle. 

  2. Now make their wants impossible to resist in December.

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