Tis' the Season to Save your Customers Money!

Tis' the Season to Save your Customers Money!

Monday, December 7, 2015Kelly Nelson Let’s talk about coupons…
  • Two-fers (two for one)
  • BOGO (By one get one)
  • Freebies (Free! No strings attached)
Seeing these in your mailbox is a beautiful thing for any consumer! Who doesn’t want to save money?!
Digital coupons can be extremely powerful for online retailers. They have the power to bring customers back and create word of mouth. This is especially important around the holidays. That word of mouth could make the difference between a profitable season and a dreadful one. It’s also important that you weigh the options financially and ensure that your business can sustain the coupons.
Here are a few of the advantages of pushing coupons and discounts this holiday season.

Brings customers back:
By offering your customers a discount or something free on their next purchase, you are automatically giving them incentive and reason to come back. This is a personal touch point that reminds the customer that you want them back there.
Brings new customers in:
To add to the above point, happy customers are talking customers! Meaning, if your customers are happy they will let people know. They will tell their friends and family about you. You can also introduce a referral coupon this holiday season. Offer a discount to those who are referred and those who referred them. 
Positive Branding:
Coupons and discounts are a phenomenal word of mouth tool. They get liked, shared and talked about once the public sees it. This does wonders for your brand. Having said this, it is also important to remember that using this fits your branding. You don’t see Apple offering BOGO’s during the holidays. They offer a premium product and this could harm their brand rather than help it.
Drives loyalty:
Customers are more likely to stay loyal to brands they deem worthy of their loyalty. Customers always have a choice, so if they choose your product or service, that is a privilege and their loyalty is something that you need to earn. This holiday season, start earning it! Recognize their choice to buy from you is a beautiful thing and reward them with a coupon or discount to come back after the holidays.
Coupons and discounts can make your holidays magical. With increased brand awareness, positive word of mouth, and a possible increase of sales, what’s stopping you from giving your customers the gift of savings?

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